Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dud....Dud..or why is Harry mad?.

Lee's Summit, Missouri
Longview Campground
Site #73

We've had so many great days exploring, once in a while you need to have a not so great one to appreciate the good ones.  Today was one of those.

Our first stop today was the barber shop that Jim Collins recommended.  This was the best part of our day.  Jim told Bill to get chair number one or two and Bill was happy when he sat down in number one.  I should back up here and say he was very happy this barber shop had a pole outside.  The barber took his time and gave Bill a great cut.  This is the longest time between haircuts in Bill's life.  

While Bill was getting a haircut I walked into the Dollar General so I didn't have to wait in the truck.  And it begins...  There was a sign on the door that said they were closing early to repair the air conditioning.  I went back and waited in the truck as the temperatures were about the same.  

I programmed the GPS for Missouri Town 1855.  I have no idea what happened to the GPS because once we were in the park  I think we saw all of their 4,000 acres.  I finally asked my phone to navigate and we managed to find the place.  I'm glad we weren't towing.

We paid $3.00 a piece (senior rate) and I must say we over paid.  We were given a sticker, so "they" would know we paid.  There was no one to show it to.
 It turned out to be a walking tour of old buildings that were moved to that site.  You had to walk down a dirt uneven road about a block to the start of the "town".  Bill was worried about my foot in the loose gravel.  At least the weather was pleasant.
The only thing I found of interest were the sheep running around the town.

Here's a quote from the brochure "Dressed in 1850's attire, our staff and volunteers engage in activities to complement their period surroundings."  

We never saw anyone other than one man mowing grass.  

When we were purchasing our tickets to enter, I made a comment to the fellow running the gift shop that the guest book asked for comments and I said you can't comment until you've been through the town.  He said to feel free and come back when we were done and make a comment.  Big mistake!

Guess who's going back to add his comment.  I didn't ask what Bill wrote.  

We did pass a bison ranch but all we saw were elk.
No problem, I'm sure our second place will be much better because it's a National Historic Site.  How can you go wrong with that?  

We pulled into the parking lot which had weeds growing out of the concrete of the Harry S Truman Family Farm.  The parking lines were worn off and there was no one there except a lawn mowing company. 

 There was this sign which was covered in bird poop.
Here's the outside of the farm house.
A second sign with bird poop.
And a padlock on the door.  What did we ever do to Harry?  I don't think he likes us.  

About all that we came away with today were these two brochures

I must say while we weren't on the high we had yesterday from seeing the Arabia Steamboat Museum, we laughed all the way home.  Some days you just shouldn't crawl out of bed

Turtle Safely.......

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