Saturday, June 20, 2015

Needed Ear Plugs

Pine Grove RV Park Campground
Greenwood, Nebraska

Yesterday was the ladies luncheon in Ashland, Nebraska.  It is always a lot of fun.   Cherio's  has an upstairs room that gives us complete privacy for our group.  Why do we need privacy?  

Here's an example of Vicki checking out the decor.

The lunch was great and the beauty of going there is that we have all the time in the world.  They don't bring you a check, you just pay when you go downstairs.  
Vicki showed us how to show less wrinkles in photos.

There are some cute little gift shops that we all wandered through. Even the drug store was charming.  Ashland is a small town of about 2,500 people but is very quaint.

Some of the ladies tried out the winery but our truckload wanted to go to Baker's Chocolates.   After all, we have a wine tasting coming up, but you can't get these chocolates everywhere.  I bought less than five pounds this year, so it should last a day or two.  I like the option where you can go and mix and match your chocolates.  Each flavor is in a different color wrapper.
Notice the size of my purchases?

Now I know you think with the title "needed ear plugs" was because of all the talking and laughing from the ladies outing but you're wrong it was our next outing.

The I 80 racetrack is right next to the RV park.  Ron Lichtenberg had free tickets for all those who wanted to attend.  Les Atkinson who is recovering from a stroke said he'd go for a little while.  Jan and Paul weren't planning to stay very long so he and I rode with them.  

Notice the scoreboard over Mark's head?

Bill and I have been to our local fairground race track but this was night and day different.  First off, they didn't have a bleacher to sit on, there were actual seats with backs in the stands.  I believe Ron said they had seven different classes of cars.  

During intermission they had a pick up truck drive on the track in front of the grandstands and they had buckets of coins totaling $1,000 that they threw out on the track.  All the kids where given cups and then told to go pick up the coins.  Needless to say, it was a wild scramble.  

Besides all the great racing we saw, there was a go cart racetrack behind us.  I was so interested in the car racing that I just glanced at the kids in the go carts. Everyone said it was also fun to watch.  I really didn't want to walk down the grandstands until it was time to leave because the worst part of my recovery from the shattered heel is going down steps.  

Paul said we were about five stories high and Les walked up there like he was a young kid.  He was really having a good time.  Around 10 pm Jan and Paul asked Les if he was ready to leave.  He said "no". 

Another great day at the Central Plains Regional Rally.  These Montana owners know how to have fun.  

Today is the testicle festival so should be another fun day.

Turtle Safely.......


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