Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not the Manhattan I Was Expecting

Tuttle Creek Cove Park Campground
Manhattan, Kansas
Site #18

The weather forecast for most of Kansas called for rain, winds up to 60 mph, and hail.  We've really dodged it.  Today they were calling for rain over most of the state and I checked the hourly report and it wasn't suppose to rain in Manhattan until noon to 2 pm with a 75% chance.  We left Hutch around 9 am and decided to stay off the interstate and come up highway 77.  It was almost 150 miles which is a lot for us to do in one day.  Other than the winds, which were a tailwind for awhile we had beautiful blue skies.  I did notice for the first time that our GPS warned us of high winds.  

Terrie and Ron Ames were headed to Medora and when we passed the little town of Medora, Kansas I said to Bill that I didn't see the Ames' anywhere.  Of course there destination was North Dakota.

The roads were great two lane roads and traffic was pretty light.  We are about 3 miles north of Manhattan.  

Bill always told me he'd take me to Manhattan and show me the area he worked when he was employed by the federal government.  This wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  I must say there's some beautiful homes with some breathtaking views here.  

This is one of the best bargains a senior can have.  We are at a Corp of Engineers park which is beautiful and with our Golden Eagle pass the rate is $9.00.  50 amp electric and water, nice picnic tables, grill and a fire ring and a beautiful view.

Our site has a view of the water.  We could have taken one closer but once we saw how high the water is, we opted to go up the hill a little further.   These were blind side back ins so I was glad Bill did the driving today, but he did just fine.

There was a sign as we entered that said the boat ramp and beach were closed.
I drove the truck around the rest of the park and had to back down this boat launch to turn it around as the road was closed.

This is the beach.  We were going to go to Concordia to tour the orphan train but you had to call ahead so instead we came this way.  Concordia had 3 and a half inches of rain yesterday.  It looks like it might have floated right down here. 
 This is the dam and it's very full.
This is the other side of the dam, and they have a lot of water gushing through it.

There are all kinds of severe weather warnings including flash flood, on tv but we don't have anything here but lots of wind.  I can see whitecaps in the water

As I told Bill, at least there is a paved road here and gravel in case they do get rain.  

We turned over 148,000 miles on our truck today. Our Montana has been towed about 42,000 miles.  

Yesterday we didn't do much other than go to Dillions Grocery Store.  Finally, some good fruits and veggies.  We did find out that you can't purchase wine in the grocery store.  

We did take some pictures from downtown Hutch.  We really enjoyed that town.  One thing we've noticed since we've been in Kansas--lots of beautiful church's, no tattoo parlors, no cash for car titles, not a lot of bars, beautiful parks, well kept schools and pride of ownership in the homes.  Everyone seems very friendly and respectful.  Do you think we like Kansas?

This if for our grand daughter, Taylor.

I did look at my calendar and found out I was a day off for the Montana Rally in Greenwood, Nebraska--but in a good way.  

Turtle Safely...........

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