Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pre Rally Fun

Pine Grove RV Park Campground
Greenwood, Nebraska
Site 70

Sunday night  we had a knock at our door.  Bill ran upstairs to grab a pair of pants.  He always relaxes with his pants off.  It was Jim Collins, who we didn't know was a couple of sites down.  He has his grandson here for the college world series of baseball.  We enjoyed visiting with Jim.

Yesterday we had to move three sites up.  At first the campground employee told us we didn't have to move, then they called back and said yes, we did.  It was raining lightly, but we decided to go ahead and move early and get it done.  It isn't a big deal with the level ups and we hadn't put the sewer hose out.  Of course, the rain stopped and the sun came out after we moved.

We needed to go to Walmart for a couple of items.  Have you bought eggs lately?  Maybe it's just in the area, but they were over $4.00.  Of course, we always notice that milk is usually a lot more expensive than we pay in Arizona.

Jan and Paul and Ron and Mary came in after we returned from the store.  We have an American Eagle motorhome blocking our view of the other sites.  There's the college world series of baseball going on and we had no idea what a big event it is.  The news said it brings 40 million into the local economy.

Mark and Vicki Allen arrived in the afternoon.  They come from Byers, a small town in Colorado where my sister used to live in.  She knows my sister, Dale, and Kalvin, her former husband.  She asked how the kids, Kylee and Cody were doing.  

While visiting this RV park last time a couple of years ago, we met a lady that lived on the same street as Dale now lives, but didn't know her but was going to get in touch with her.  

Everyone gravitated to Paul and Jan's for happy hour.  Paul suggested we go to Parker's for dinner.  That is where the testicle festival will be held on Sunday.

What a great suggestion.  Dinner was perfect and everyone enjoyed their meals.  Lots of laughs and endless talking.
Great fun and the rally doesn't officially start until Wednesday, but I bet everyone will be here by today.

Turtle Safely.......

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