Monday, June 8, 2015

Santa Fe Trail--Hutch

Kansas State Fair RV Park
Hutchinson, Kansas
Site 131

Another beautiful sunny day for our drive to "Hutch" which was less than 100 miles.  I could get used to these short driving days.

There was construction on the streets around the fairground and we had to make a circle around it to get to the entrance gate.  Our site has 50 amp full hook ups and I'm sure there are over 200 or more sites here.  You can't beat $20 per night and there are only a few coaches here.  I think the weekly rate is $125.00

We went to Walmart for a couple of items and I came out with a box of golf balls. The last time we golfed was in West Virginia last year.  I'm sure I can't get me foot in my golf shoes, but I was thinking positive and the golf balls were on sale.  Judy, I know you keep score but we do also but, by counting the balls we lose. 

We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and picked up a booklet on the town.  The paid employee was very helpful and made us feel welcome.  She suggested the Cosmosphere. 

It was 2 pm when we parked the truck in front of the Cosmosphere and I did notice they have RV parking.  The brochure said to allow 4 hours to see everything.  Bill and I both agreed, the museum would be enough and we paid our entrance fee of $10.50 each.  As it turns out, that was a real bargain.  

I wish I would have thought to take a photo of the barcode sign to help you find your way out or the phone number to call if lost.  It was posted everywhere, and I could have lost my way too.  

The building didn't look as large as its 105,000 square feet.  In the main lobby was a SR-71A  Blackbird along with two other planes.  

We've been to Huntsville Space Center and I didn't think anything could compare with it, but I have to say they are equals.  This museum had an entirely different angle on the space program.  It explained how and why better.  The effect of WWII and V-2 Rocket Germany had and how we acquired their scientists was explained.  I must say there was a lot of reading and you needed to read a lot to put the entire picture together.   

I'll just quote the brochure:
     "In the internationally acclaimed Hall of Space Museum the Cosmosphere combines human stories of space exploration with the artifacts that took man to the Moon and beyond.  The result?  One of the largest collections of flown American spacecraft, and the largest assemblage of Russian spacecraft, spacesuits and space related artifacts in the Western World."


This stained glass memorializing those who died took over 4,000 hours to make.

The actual Berlin Wall which was one of the last sections to be torn down.

Bill and I visited Star City when we were in Moscow so this brought back memories.  

I could put a lot more photos on this blog, but it's someplace you need to see in person.  
How do you get a blackbird in one photo?
I took two and still couldn't get it.

It's well worth seeing and I hope someday you can see it.

I took this photo out our front door last night.  What do you think it is?

This is a good indication that you need to look at both sides.

I have to keep checking the calendar because you know how calendar challenged I am.  I'm hoping we have time to visit Yoder, the Bison Ranch and a couple of other things besides Strataca before we leave town.    

Turtle Safely.........

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