Saturday, June 6, 2015

Santa Fe Trail--Kinsley

4 Aces RV Park
Kinsley, Kansas
Site 27

Last night while eating dinner we had some rain.  That changed our mind about walking over to the lodge for a beer.  It wasn't a lot of rain but it would get windy, rain a little and blow on by.

We awoke to blue skies and another beautiful day.  I said I'd drive today.  Yes, I am a fair weather driver.  But I'm also a good road condition driver.  We pulled out very early for us.  I'd been driving for probably less than 50 miles when I saw a sign that I thought said 10 feet wide for 8 miles.  I'm no dummy, I found a wide spot in the road and gave Bill the wheel.  As it turned out, the 10 feet wide was only the length of a bridge.  

We traveled across highway 50 and encountered very little traffic.  The road was in good condition and there were many roadside rest stops, which surprised us.  

Do you think this looks like Kansas?

It seemed strange that we passed a plant in Garden City that had acres of wind turbine pieces.

We continued eastward and pretty soon we saw truck after truck headed westward.  They must have a lot of those plants around.  When we saw all the "wind farms" Bill and I both agreed, solar seems so much better.

I know most of you will be surprised to know that we didn't even slow down when we approached Dodge City.  We've been there in the past and was very disappointed that the city doesn't preserve history any better than they do.    

Right after we finished our audio book, we arrived in Kinsley.  Kinsley has a population of about 1500 people.  We are at the 4 Aces RV Park.  Our site is a pull thru with a concrete pad, 50 amp full hook-ups, picnic tables, free wifi, great management and all this for $17 per night (Passport America rate).  I like the fact that they do not tax RV parking.   We are on the banks of Coon Creek and there is a nature trail along it, but the way the mosquitoes attack Bill, I know we won't be going for a hike.  

After we got set up we drove the couple of blocks back to the Edwards Sod House and Museum.  I was afraid that they would be closed tomorrow but found out later this museum is open seven days a week.  There also is no admission charge.  I don't know about you, but I find we will donate more than what we'd normally pay admission somewhere else.
We were amazed at the number of people in the museum.  Many more came in while we were there.  

The sod house was built by local volunteers in the 50's to house the museum.  It started to deteriorate and in 2001 they completely enclosed the sod house into the new musuem building.  Everything in the museum came from residents of Edwards county.  

The furnishings were very well done.

This bicycle was ridden from New York to Kinsley.
Bill found this interesting.
Peter Mehringer, who was a local college athlete, won an Olympic Gold Medal for wrestling.
Did you notice the leather helmet?  When Bill played quarterback for his local high school, he wore a helmet like this the first year and they then went modern to plastic.  

I also noticed some mention of the Fleagles (see yesterday's blog) and the docent said yes, they were believed to have been here too.  

I read in Roadside America. com that this sign was moved from a little ways outside of town to the park because people were stealing the signs.  

We lost an hour today, and the RV manager had given me menus from local restaurants.  I couldn't believe the prices.  We picked Romano's and it was a good choice.  I had the large lasagna with garlic bread and Bill had a large taco salad.  Total bill was $10 before tax.  

We've dodged the bad weather but tomorrow the forecast is calling for rain around 5 pm.  We want to visit Fort Larned and the Santa Fe Trail Center.  

Turtle Safely........

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