Saturday, June 20, 2015

Testicle Festival--Whimped Out

Pine Grove RV Park
Greenwood, Nebraska

Jim and Linda Collins invited us to join them for a ride to Omaha for a farmer's market.  Naturally, Bill thought it sounded like fun, if he didn't have to drive.

The city of Omaha has revitalized this old area and it's beautiful.  I'd forgotten that we toured it the last time we were in the area with Les and Darlene, but it's a place you could go to every day.  

None of us wanted to buy anything at the market, because we didn't want to carry it.  

We stopped for lunch at Billy Frogs (I think).  It was nice to spent some time visiting with Jim and Linda.  It was a strange and interesting sports bar.  

We toured some antique shops and saw some strange things.
Jim then took us to see the life size statues in a nearby city park.  

We've really enjoyed seeing all those wonderful bronzes.  

Jim then drove us by where the College World Series is being played.  I can see why this could bring 40 million into the local economy.  

By the time we returned to the RV park, it was just about time to leave for the testicle festival. 

Mary's sister came and gave a massage to anyone who wanted one.

Terrie and Ron Ames arrived just before time for the festival.  They have a new Montana  and it still has that new car smell.  

About half of the group were going, and Bill and I decided not to go.  It's held at a steakhouse but during the festival all you can order to eat is mountain oysters or a burger.  Everyone was going to Valentino's at 6 pm and you couldn't eat at both places.  

Larry came back with a testicle t-shirt and Ron came back with some orders of fried testicles.  

I ate some and I think they might have been a tad better than the ones I had before.  One was enough. 

The group went to Valentino's in Lincoln.  Delicious as the last time.  Wish we had a chain like this in Arizona.

Here's some photo's of the happy group.

Turtle Safely.......

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