Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Truce or Not!

Prairie Band Casino
Mayetta, Kansas
Site 33

Yesterday was the last day of the Montana Owners Club--Central Plains Regional Rally.  Thankfully, there wasn't much to do but sit outside and visit with everyone.  It was nice to relax after being so busy.

The final event for the rally was a potluck.  There was a great variety of food.  Even though the weather was perfect to have the potluck outside, it was held in the dining/bar section of the RV office where they do have a liquor license.  This rally was perfect--13 rigs which included first timers, Dave and Barb Burtrom and Vicki and Mark Allen.  We knew the Allen's but this was the first time we met the Burtrom's.  Just the right size to get to talk with everyone.  It's one rally where everyone really mixes with everyone else.  

The Lichtenberg's and Kelpe's, rally hosts, make it look effortless during the rally, but we know there success is because they work very hard on it all year long.  

After the potluck, Ron Lichtenberg went up to the circle and sprayed the area in case there were any bugs.  Unfortunately, he forgot to remove the bird that was in the tree above me.  Yep, he pooped all down my leg.  

It was late when everyone started to leave, but Paul has a way of maintaining an audience.
It was very late when we finally went to bed, but we thought there was no hurry to leave in the morning, we'd just sleep in.  Wrong, again!  The was a trailer trailer with lots of kids and dogs.  Now I didn't count the kids but there were SIX big dogs.  Around 5 am, they were all outside eating some yogurt and yelling at one another while the dogs found some kind of chipmunk or prairie dog right under our bedroom window. Do you know what six large dogs barking under your bedroom sound like?  I do know they had two doors on that trailer and they slammed the doors constantly.  Thankfully, they pulled out about 5:45.  By this time, we just got up out of bed.  

We said our "see 'ya's" and left before 9.  I was happy to note that our rear view camera worked just fine. Thank you again, Dennis Ward and Ron Ames.  I offered to drive today, but Bill said he'd take the wheel.  

It really started clouding up when we arrived at the Prairie Band Casino, but it didn't rain.  It was rather cool today and didn't even need the air conditioner, but the fireplace is on. 

We received $25 credit each for the player's club and $5.00 discount on the RV park fees.  These sites are huge and there are very few people here.

Bill and I had lunch in the casino and it was very good, but we could have shared a meal.

When I went to get a chair from the basement, you had to remove everything else to get it out.  I mentioned to Bill that it was a real mess, he agreed and admitted he messed it up.  Then he said "like you do to the toothpaste".  We now have a truce that he won't mention the toothpaste and I won't mention the basement.  

I then went to brush my teeth and found this written on the toothpaste.  I don't think that makes a truce, do you?

Turtle Safely.........


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