Thursday, June 4, 2015

Whittington to Lamar

Elks Lodge #1319
Lamar, Colorado

Well yesterday we did nothing except watch the wildlife and relax.  We didn't even start up the truck.  The camp host told us that we'd start seeing a lot of rigs pulling in and that they were filled up for the next month.  We couldn't have stayed any longer if we wanted.  
This doe stayed outside our window most of the morning.  There were others that joined her including a huge buck.

Once again the weather was perfect.  I wanted Bill to drive today since we were going over Raton Pass.  I knew what that road was like and there was only one lane open as they were paving it. Drivers had hit the cones and they were everywhere on the road. 
Notice the snow capped mountains.  We were both glad to be out of the altitude.  It was about 6600 feet at Whittington and I could tell it when we went for a walk.

Our travels today followed the Santa Fe Trail.

We stopped at Old Bent's Fort for a visit.  We've been to a lot of National Parks and I must say we've never had such a great tour.  The Park Ranger was excellent.  Everyone was in period clothing and acting the parts.
It was a long walk to the fort from the parking lot.  You really couldn't see it until you got close.  This is along the Arkansas River and I think every bug in Colorado was waiting for us.
This was recreated to show how the fort was in 1846.  

We were immediately greeted by a park ranger portraying an apprentice craftsman.  We had just enough time to show our golden eagle pass, watch a 20 minute video and then the guided tour started.  The Park Ranger told us the cardboard pass which  Bill has are worth some big money on E-bay. 

I'll show a few of the many photos and just tell you this is one place everyone would enjoy touring.

Not sure what the peacock was representing.
I've never been on a tour where in an hour's time, you understood the purpose and how the trading post operated. 

We drove through the Comanche National Grassland and over to Lamar.  Our original plan was to stay at a Passport America RV park called Country Acres RV Park and Motel.  We pulled in and the lady didn't know if she had any 50 amp hook ups.  The park wasn't much and the RV's were parked in the dirt around the perimeter of the motel.  I asked how much and she didn't know, said she'd have to call her son.  She made a phone call and said the PA rate would be 35.95.  I looked at Bill and he said no thanks.  There was a nice KOA that we passed earlier.  I remembered that there was an Elks Lodge in town so we drove to it.  What a gorgeous and friendly Elks.  There's a golf course behind it.  We have 50 amp service and no one else is in any of the 6 sites.  

Sometimes it just pays to walk away and go somewhere else.  The lodge is very nice and clean.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  The beer was icy cold and only $2.00.

Turtle Safely....

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