Sunday, June 14, 2015

Written in Pencil

Pine Grove RV Park and Campground
Greenwood, NE
Site # 67

I know we drive people crazy when we say we don't know where we're going.  Today was one of the few days that we actually had tentative plans, but thank goodness they were written in pencil.

We are headed to Greenwood, Nebraska for a Montana Rally that starts on the 17th.  Our plans this morning were to drive the less than 50 miles to Marysville, Kansas to tour the Pony Express Home Station Museum and the Hollenberg Pony Express Station.  They were only open Wednesday to Sunday and today from 1-4 pm.  There's a free city park with RV sites and since there wasn't a lot to pick from thought that would work.  We pulled into the city park and Bill looked at me and said what do you think?  That usually means, he doesn't like it.  We are nearly always on the same page about feelings for a RV park or restaurant.  I'm not usually someone who passes up free.  The park was OK but the sites were completely covered in mud.  While we didn't have any rain today, I wasn't sure what they were expecting.  The other problem was that there were huge trees everywhere.  If the sun did come out, it wouldn't dry up the mud.  The other big deciding factor was satellite signal, so up the road we went.

We pulled out of there and I knew there was a motel with RV park.  It was a short distant away and when we pulled in, Bill said he wouldn't mind passing up the Pony Express stuff.  He'd already been to St. Joe and toured that.  The big area was OK, but there were some questionable looking electric pedestals and other residents.  No problem, we'll just head on up the road.

Our next planned overnight was Beatrice, so we just kept on driving the next 40 miles to where we planned to stay at the city park which had 50 amp service.  Bill started to turn into the park when I yelled, don't do it.  There was a barricade across the road which was almost floating away.  This cute little city RV park was right against the banks of the river.  Unfortunately, the river was covering the park.  Our plan while parked in Beatrice was to visit the Homestead National Monument of America.  We decided to at least visit it while in the area.

The park ranger was very nice and invited us to stay for a celebration of the Homestead act.  The mosquitoes were bad and we still hadn't decided where to stay.  I was surprised to hear that they did not repeal the homestead act until the 1980's.

We looked at some of the exhibits and a gentleman from Sydney, Australia started talking to us.  We told him we thought Sydney was a fascinating city and I told him I did the bridge climb on the harbor bridge.  He asked me if I had a Breathalyzer test and I said I passed it.  I think he just wanted someone to talk to since he was by himself.  

The park ranger kept asking us if we didn't want to stay for the celebration.  

The park ranger was from Beatrice and said that the two rivers had flooded and this was the second biggest flood in history.  She said the whole town was isolated.  I told her I found a RV park in Wilber but she cautioned us about going there, saying they were on the river also.  She said our best bet would be to go back to Beatrice if we could still get through there and head north.  

No problem, I called Pine Grove RV Park and asked if we could come in early.  They had a site for us, but we'll have to move over to our reserved site tomorrow.  

So much for plans.  Now you know why we never make any. 

 Bill had given me a rose yesterday and I couldn't figure out how to store it while going down the road.  I think this worked just fine--a rose instead of a straw..

  As we were leaving this morning, this doe was on the edge of the road.  I said stop and I'll take a photo.  I looked in the console, then my purse and finally found the camera in the back seat.  The doe was still there when I snapped this photo.  I said "aw shucks, I didn't get her head".  Just about then she looked up at us.
Now that's cooperating!

Turtle Safely....... 

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