Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Look Who We Found

Cape Camping & RV Park
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Site B2

Yesterday was a very light mist, not enough rain to get the road wet, but you still needed wipers once in awhile.  We were going to stay an additional day in Jefferson City, but when we checked out the weather forecast for today looked worse.  

We decided to head down the road and when the storm closed in find a place to stop for the night.  Bill drove east on US 50 with very little traffic.  When we hit I 55 I made a mistake.  I mentioned that we really lucked out with the weather.  We only had one hour to Cape Girardeau and we had escaped any really wet roads.  I then looked at the sky and it started to pour.  

The rain slowed to a light mist by the time we arrived at the RV park.  We were just setting up when a Grand Design Solitude pulled in next to us.  It was LC and Marilyn Boyer. 

 You may remember me mentioning them in previous blogs.  They drove up from south of Tucson last winter to visit me when I was laid up with my shattered heel.  Marilyn brought a weeks worth of delicious home cooked meals for Bill to heat up.  

Marilyn is also the reason that I was able to attend RV functions such as Quartzite, the Winter Blast, Good Sam Rally, Woodcarvers and the Escapade.  She showed me how to climb up the stairs without putting any weight on my right leg.  

I had mentioned on Facebook that I thought we'd head down to Sikeston for dinner.  She saw my post and invited us to meet up with them here.  

We only paid for two nights, but after last night, I think we'll extend our stay.  

LC and Marilyn drove us around the area.  I do believe there's plenty to see and do here.  

There are some great paintings on the flood walls.  

I don't know if you can see the bottom of this gate along the Mississippi.  There are sand bags at the bottom and you can see water seeping past them.
We enjoyed a wonderful meal with LC and Marilyn.  I do believe this town isn't hurting for good restaurants.  
After dinner, LC drove around the neighboring towns to show us some of the beautiful buildings and homes.  

This is a photo of a corn field.  I guess we have had the weather gods with us, when you think of all the bad weather around us.  

Look at how high the corn is and also notice the water trench between. 

Turtle Safely..........

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