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Three tries and we're not out!

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Bill and I gave it a third try.  The last year we were in the area to visit the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum and it happened to be Sunday when they open at noon and we had many miles to go, so  we couldn't wait around.  When we first arrived in Missouri last week we were towing the fifth wheel and stopped to tour the museum only to find it was closed for mechanical repairs.  Today was our third try and did we luck out?  

Look who greeted us!

The reason I say we were lucky is that we had a docent who volunteers on holidays.  In his former life he worked for a newspaper and was also a teacher.  There were 12 people in our group including one lady who was 95 years old.  He spent a couple of hours showing us around and telling the stories of Truman's life. Not one person left the tour early! We were lucky also because they have a special exhibit honoring the 70th Anniversary of WWII on the lower level.

I'm sure our visit would have been entirely different if we did the regular self guided one.  A good knowledgeable docent makes all the difference in the world.  
 The oval office looked exactly like this when Truman was in office.

We were allowed photos but I was listening to every word the docent said.  Consequently, neither Bill or I took very many photos.

I thought for sure I took a photo of the desk sign "A Buck Stops Here".  He received the first desk sign from a prison.  It means he makes the final decision and he's responsible for the consequences.  

He was elected vice president and 82 days later after Roosevelt died he became President.  He only met with Roosevelt twice, one of those meetings was a photo shot.  He was never told about the Manhattan project, or any other vital information that would have made the transition easier.  

In this courtyard is where Harry and his wife, Bess, are buried.  One thing the docent told us was that Harry in planning his funeral, wanted to be buried with Bess on his right.  He said she was always "his right hand man."

Truman's office after he left the presidency was in a newer wing of the library.  There were funny videos of him on TV with Jack Benny.  

The 70th Anniversary exhibit was well done, but we missed our well versed docent.  

I found it interesting that no one knows why he always wanted a license plate with the numbers 369.  Other than his first car he always had Chrysler products.  

We had talked about taking the Prairie wagon tour of Independence, but we were so tired, we didn't even go and check to see if they were operating for the holiday.

We'll be back, there is so much to see and do in this area.

Happy Fourth of July.

Turtle Safely......

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