Saturday, July 25, 2015

We Found Hoffa!

Crossville, Tennessee
Bean Pot Campground
Site #15

Yesterday I drove the 100 miles or so to Crossville.  The weather was picture perfect.  I must say Bill wasn't the best co-pilot on the road leading from the Corp of Engineers campground.  The road was very windy with no shoulder whatsoever and a ditch along side it.  He finally relaxed once we were down on the interstate.  

When we arrived at Bean Pot RV park we tried to find a site without trees.  Lots of luck in this part of the country.  I thought the street names were cute--Kidney Bean Lane, Navy Bean Lane, Pinto Bean Lane, Lima Bean Lane and Baked Bean Lane.  

The weather has been perfect even though when we watch the news, the newscasters talk about the high heat.  It will be in the 60's tonight.  

We left early this morning for the local flea market.  I must say it really gave us a flavor for the locals.  The "parking lot" was a maze through the trees.  People parked everywhere.
These were permanent structures that had a piece of plywood that opened up for their "stores".   The wood looked like the kind people pay big bucks for from an old barn.
How many times have you been to a flea market where they sell pigs, chickens, roosters, rabbits, chicks, turkeys, fish, birds and dogs?

The one thing Bill and I both commented about were the smells.  You had to watch where you were going as people were spitting tobacco.  Lot's of smokers and some other strange smells, we couldn't identify.  This may be pretty country but it's definitely a different part of the United States.  

 Now we have dreamcatchers in Arizona, but not like these Redneck Dreamcatchers made with panties and beer cans.  

We bought some great looking tomatoes, peppers, corn, and peaches at a stand near the truck.  It was a lot of walking up and down the hollers and I was happy to get back to the truck and breath truck air.  

I'd noticed that there was an Easy Spirit shoe store at the outlet mall and wanted to see if there was anything I could find that would give me good support like my heel risers that I wear all the time.  

If Easy Spirit only knew how often people stop me in the street to ask about those shoes, they would have never discontinued them.  

There were only a handful of stores but we did find a treasure there.

It's a store in the mall dedicated to model railroads enthusiast.  
The detail in the settings is unbelievable.
The trains were running and there were buttons you could push to make some of the things animate.

There were signs that asked if you could find things such as a dog peeing on a fire hydrant, a woman crying at a grave site or a woman hanging laundry. 
How about a drive in movie theater with the screen playing?

The different towns were done in different time periods and the vehicles matched perfectly.
The military was well represented.
There were different sizes of the trains.
This was helpful in learning the different scale size of trains. 
Notice the travel trailer in this scene?
I wish amazed at all the detail of the buildings and vehicles.
Crossville airport was included with a working helicopter.
All of the local industries must have been represented.
It's hard to explain how large this place is.

Lastly, if you ever wondered what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, we found out today.
He's into cement.  Notice his stretch limo?

A wonderful display and all of it was free.  I finally had to ask if there was a donation jar and some of the men showed us a discreet jar on a low table they were standing in front of. 

It was a great day and we topped it off going to the pool.  It was a little cool, but after awhile the water felt great.  

Turtle Safely........

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