Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Family and Friends

Creekside Estates
Weirton, WV 

Our daughter, Nikki, had to go out of town for training for her new job this week so she invited us over for a meal on Sunday.  As busy as they are, they still had time for us old foggys 

It was great seeing their kids, Olivia and Levani.  They are at that age where they've grown a lot since we saw them.  Can you imagine all of them together at one time in their busy schedule?  

Nicky, Levani, Olivia, Nikki

Yep, it's confusing with us as we call son in law, Nicky and daughter Nicole, Nikki.  Sometimes when Bill and I are talking with each other we will say He Nicky and She Nikki so we know who we're talking about. 

One place we always make it a point to visit while we are in the Ohio Valley is Coleman's Fish Market in Wheeling.

We gave Ron Smith a call and told him we were going to Wheeling and we would picked him up a short time later.  

They have a huge menu but most everyone gets a fish sandwich.  

You stand in a moving line to order and by the time you walked through your order is ready for you.

I was looking at their 100 year anniversary photos on the wall.  The building used to be an old train station in the middle of Wheeling, WV.  There are some art shops and some other food places but Coleman's is a favorite of most.  As a matter of fact, all the seats were taken and we had to walk down to another food stand to find a table.  

It doesn't look like much, but it is very good and there's nothing that can compare with it.
I cropped this photo as I'm still trying to find a photo of Bill and me for the Montana Owners Club Fall Rally booklet.
I guess I'll keep trying, Miss Vicki. 

Ron wanted us to stop and say hi to his sister, Joyce.  We hadn't met her new husband, George, but we both instantly liked him.  

Right after we got home daughter, Misty, called and said she was coming for a visit.  We enjoyed visiting with her and lost track of time.  This is what we love best when coming back to West Virginia.  Everyone dropping by for a visit.

Ron came over yesterday for dinner.  He announced he was leaving this morning.  We enjoyed visiting with him.  I'm sure life hasn't been easy for him since his wife, Gay, died but nothing has ever been easy for Ron during his lifetime.  He always accomplished so much and worked harder than most to achieve success.  We're confident, he'll work hard at getting past this and on with his life.  I might also say, he
will get that done sooner than most people in the same position.  His middle name is "success".  The hardest thing for Ron right now, is to believe in himself.

Sorry I was enjoying our visit so much, I didn't get a photo.

This morning Bill was just getting dressed, when John Care knocked at our door.  It's always nice to visit with John either here or in Arizona.  Once again, I forgot to take a photo, but John will be back.

As Bill and I walked outside to say good by to John, he saw this all over his truck.
I must say we couldn't figure out where the bird do do came from.  The truck hasn't been under a tree.  Bill looked up and the whole front of the coach is covered in bird poop.  Still no trees or power lines near us.  Guess what Bill is doing now?

Turtle Safely......,..

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