Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fried Green Tomatoes

Creekside Estates
Weirton, WV 

Our days continue to be busy visiting family and friends.  Yesterday, Shay called us to come over for fried green tomatoes made from tomatoes from her garden.  We didn't hesitate except to stop and pick up a birthday cake for her.  
 Birthday girl, Shay is in the center with left to right, Jenna, Taylor, Courtney, Anthony, Bill and Misty.

Courtney, Taylor and Jenna are enjoying hugs from Bill.

I just love it when we are invited for food.  There was a lot of laughter especially about the half and half.
The birthday girl enjoyed cooking for everyone. Shay said that makes her happiest.   
They were delicious and I even got a to go batch which I'm not sharing.
Bill, Misty, Doug and Shay.
Misty gave us a marriage saver.
I'll still probably squeeze from the top.

I thought I had a photo of Jenna's new ride, but I guess we were so busy talking we didn't take one.

All to quickly it was time to go as we had the "all class" reunion to attend.

The appetizers were delicious.  The food was excellent and I liked the way they had the salad and pasta served at the table and then you went through the buffet line.  

Didn't take very many pictures but the room was decorated very nicely.
I believe the oldest class represented was 1938 and the last class to graduate from Follansbee High School was 1969.

Bill was surprised when he realized that he and Ron were the only males from his class.  It's a shame that the local graduates don't seem to attend.  

Some of you that glanced at this picture of Bill and I will think how fancy we dressed.  Actually, Bill is wearing a T-shirt.
His kind of dressing up.  

Turtle Safely.......

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