Sunday, August 2, 2015


River Plantation
Sevierville, Tennessee
Site #133

The Montana Owners Club--Mid Atlantic Rally continues to be a lot of fun. Friday night  there was a dinner and show in Pigeon Forge at the Majestic Theater.  

The Majestic had a great dinner buffet which everyone enjoyed.  They also just acquired their liquor license a couple of weeks ago. 
The show was great and we loved the music.
The audience was really enjoying all the songs and dances.  

Every night there is a campfire, but with Bill's breathing problems, we don't go.  Actually, by that time, we are exhausted anyway. 

Yesterday we visited with our MOC friends and enjoyed the great weather before our moonshine tasting.  Being our age, it was nice when they needed to see our driver's license before we could taste.  Can you believe our hostess was 42 years old?

We've been to a lot of tastings before, but The Old Forge Moonshine Distillery is the best.  There were 14 different moonshines we tasted.  The first three were unflavored but very strong.  The other eleven were different flavors.  I only found one flavor I didn't like and that was apple pie.  There were two cinnamon flavors and one that tasted like red hot candies. I think banana foster was one of my favorites.   After tasting the other eleven flavors our hostess mixed the banana foster flavor and the chocolate, the coffee with cream, and then one flavor, sorry I can't remember what the name was, with orange soda that tasted like a creamsicle.  That made 17 different tastes.  Needless to say, at this point there were a lot of happy RVers.   

Did you notice that I didn't blog last night?  I wonder what was the reason?  Do you think 17 tastes of moonshine, could be the reason?  One thing I can say, is I feel great today.  No headache, must be great quality moonshine.

One thing all the MOC (Montana Owners Club) members love, is showing off their coaches.  Today is the official open houses, but some of us did some early viewing last night.  

One thing I failed to mention is how nice the rally packets were done by our wagonmasters, Chip and Lynne Rice.  They have a diagram of the RV sites with the names and site numbers.  It's always difficult to find someone when all the coaches look alike.  They also have the schedule printed up and in your name badge, so you don't have to go back to your coach and grab the paper schedule to find out what activity is going on.  

Turtle Safely.......

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