Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Fort Chiswell RV Park
Max Meadows, Virginia
Site #41

How can you be so busy you don't have time to blog and then when you do, there's not a whole lot you can say?

We had a wonderful pot luck on Sunday night.  Once again the weather was great.  

We were so busy talking, laughing and eating that we didn't get many photos taken.
I can't believe how much food we can pile onto a plate.  Lucky for me, I was able to run off some of that food as Larry had asked if I would help as a prize runner. The prize drawing was directly after the potluck.

Larry Sessoms was in charge of the prize drawing.  He had a whole stage full of gifts donated from Camping World. Coleman also donated a lot of nice prizes.  Every single person at the rally won a prize.  After everyone had a prize, they went through the tickets again.  We walked away with three prizes. 

Thank you to all the businesses that donated.  I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the stage full of prizes.

Sunday we went down to a shopping area a couple of blocks away.  I've been wanting a light quilted bedspread and I'm constantly dragging Bill into the stores to try and find one.  Every time I see a pattern I like, it turns out to be a comforter.  Bedspreads are hard to find.  I also wanted something not slinky and washable.  Another requirement was a light background but not stark white.  

The real kicker was Belk's had it for 40% off.

Marilyn came down and suggested we go shopping Monday morning to find some material to make window coverings.  We ended up going to Walmart and found some fabric.  When we returned, LC came down and invited us to lunch.  
A little over an hour later, Marilyn came down with the completed curtains.  I'll take a photo of them tomorrow to post, as I left the camera in the truck.

We had happy hour on our patio with the Boyer's and the group kept growing all evening long.  I couldn't believe the time, when we finally went inside.

There was a catered breakfast this morning for the rally but since Bill and I knew we had to leave a day early, we decided to skip it and get on the road early.  

I must say Chip and Lynn Rice and Patti and Scott Luciano were great wagon masters.  They had different activities--a gun range outing, golf, moonshine tasting, and a dinner theater outing.  The rally packets were well done and I loved the attendees site maps.  They really went out of there way to have a great rally.  I didn't mention that although this a Montana Rally the regional rallies do allow SOB's (some other brand).  

I drove today over I 40 and I 81.  We don't usually do the interstates, but today was a "from point A to point B" day. There were a lot of vehicles on the road.  It seems like there were more trucks than cars.   

I forgot to mention that I couldn't park the coach in a pull through.  The site is right next to the pool but up this grass hill.  It was so steep, I couldn't see over the hood of the truck.  It's just a short piece of concrete to park on.  I had it too far right and not all of the level up would have been on the concrete.  There's a big drop off from the concrete.  It was so steep coming up onto the concrete that the level ups were only about an inch from hitting the concrete.     I gladly handed the keys to Bill and he circled around and parked it.  

Since it was a travel day, we dined out.

Turtle Safely......

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