Friday, October 2, 2015

A Case of Not Being Real is Better

Elkhart County 4H Fairground
Goshen, IN

I think everyone slept in today.  There wasn't a lot of movement around the fairgrounds.

The sky was gorgeous but we wore sweatshirts and long pants.  

Bill needed a haircut so he returned to a barber shop that he's been to before.  Yes, there was a pole outside.  

After the haircut we headed over to Brenneman Missionary Church.  Dennis and Linda Ward met us there.  The Honor Guard instructor for the academy had invited us to watch the graduation rehearsal ceremony.  Here's a case that not real is better.

We were told that the volunteer law enforcement and fire fighters were from all over the United States and wearing their respective dress uniforms.
They shot the rifles in unison.  Even though I knew they were going to do it, I still jumped.
They ceremony was done with a real casket and hearse.
I guess I never thought how much training goes into making  such a solemn service.
Notice how the flags are blowing straight out.

One of the officers was from Hagerstown, Maryland and said he'd been on the waiting list to attend the academy for two years. 
It may have been blue skies, but it was downright cold in the 60's.
We were thanked over and over for coming to attend the ceremony.  I didn't get a photo of the widow being lead into the church.  

I was very glad that we supported them and attended.  I hope that is the only ceremony I ever see again.  

Dennis called a little later to say good by.  They are headed East and hopefully, they will be in between the predicted rain that is suppose to arrive tomorrow.  

We saw another Montana pull in a little while ago with "Student Driver" on the back window.  Do you think that could be Ron and Mary Lichtenberg?  We'll find out when and if the wind quits blowing tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely..........

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