Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amarillo and the Big Texan

Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo Ranch RV Resort

The weather reports predicted heavy rains coming in today.  I know this might be a record but we were on the road by 8:15.  The rains were suppose to arrive this afternoon.  Luckily there weren't any winds and we didn't have any rain.  The sun actually came out, but we decided to pass up the Washita Battlefield and head directly to Amarillo in case the weather changed.

We've traveled through Amarillo many times, but for some reason never stopped.  John and Gerri Beckman told us of all the things they saw when they were here earlier this year, so we decided to check them out for ourselves.    

As we were checking in at the RV park the lady told us they had free shuttles to the Big Texan.  I knew we'd go sometime while we were here, but wasn't sure what night.

We walked over to the office and gift shop and Bill suggested we go tonight.  They asked what time we wanted to be picked up and what site we were in.  

The limo arrived complete with horns on the hood.    The experience just got better and better.  We could both enjoy our beers without having to drive back in the dark.
I was disappointed when we came in that no one was eating on the stage.  It didn't take long before someone announced a man from Ohio was going to try and eat the 72 ounce steak.  You ask why would someone sit on a stage and eat a 72 ounce.  If you eat it all, you get it free.  There are clocks on the wall and you have to do it in less than an hour. 

We were sitting right next to the stage and I never saw him slow down.  Notice that there are clocks for up to 6 people.
The beers were good and the waiter suggested some he thought I'd like.
We both had a smaller steak than the 72 ounce.
Bill was worried about taking his hat along, because he didn't know where he could put it when he was at the table.  I told him he's in Texas now and you can wear your hat inside.  I think he relaxed about it once he saw everyone else wearing theirs indoors.  Of course, ball caps aren't allowed at our table.  

I really wanted a piece of that giant cake, but no way could I handle it after that great meal.  

I wonder how many people have had their photo taken while in that chair.
It seemed a lot larger when you climbed up on it.
It was a great evening and I can't believe how long we were there.
I naturally walked through the gift shop.
I can't believe I walked past this aquarium and didn't notice what was inside.
The parking lot was packed.
It must have rained sometime while we were inside.
That's a lot of beef.
We were told to sit on the bench and the limo would come by and pick us up.
In no time at all, our limo arrived.

I forgot to mention that we passed the Windmill Museum but didn't stop.  This one was in Shattuck but I found out there is one in Lubbock that is on 28 acres and has 170 restored windmills.  Maybe Mark Allen could get a part time job installing them since he dismantled one from a farm and took it back to their place and erected it all by himself.  It's closed on Sunday and Mondays and as well as all the other things we wanted to see in Lubbock.  

A great dinner and experience and a place we'll never forget going to.  If you haven't tried it, you need to.

Turtle Safely.......  

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