Thursday, October 15, 2015

Camp Swampy

Springfield, MO
Timbercrest RV Park

We had such a great time at dinner with the Boyer's in Sikeston.  When they suggested we bring the fifth wheel over to their homes in Poplar Bluff we said "yes".  It was about a 50 mile trip and since I wanted to back in, I drove.  LC gave us the directions and he was pretty good about them, except they are on the left hand side of the street, not the right.  I saw a ditch as I pulled into the county road and when I went to back up, I was worried about the ditch. LC directed me, and it's a good thing he has a lot of acres and he didn't care if I went through the grass. When I finally got parked, I realized there wasn't a ditch.  

Marilyn had made some delicious soup and with Bill's left over salad from Lambert's it was a great lunch.  Can you believe there was still some salad left?
LC and Bill changing a fuse.

After lunch LC pulled the 1953 Ford out of the garage.  Marilyn and I managed to wedge ourselves into the back seat.  The windows were down with the wind blowing in our hair and the motor and exhaust pipes were roaring.  

LC put in a Thunderbird engine and he also did all the painting.  

They drove us out to Wappapello Lake.  It is huge and there are so many Corp of Engineer campgrounds I can't believe they would ever be full.  

We stopped at that reservoir to visit the Visitor's Center but it was closed.  The views are awesome.
 A fisherman's paradise.  
Notice all the wind blown hair.
Once I saw the map of how large the lake is, I realized we didn't see a lot of it.
This tree carving was in the cemetery.  Union and Confederate soldiers were buried there.  I knew about the flat and pointed headstones but LC reminded us why.  He said the Confederates used the pointed headstone so the Union soldiers wouldn't sit on them.  

A lot of history of the area was given in this gazebo.
I loved that song.
Flooding seems very natural to the people of this area. The water depth is recorded on this concrete. Click on the photo to make it larger.
Marilyn and LC's neighbor makes cabinets and this is his "Half Ass Ranch".
When we returned back to Camp Swampy, LC asked Bill if he wanted to drive the Corvette.  
Bill declined because he was afraid to drive someone else's toys.  
He enjoyed sitting in it though.  I would have taken it out for a ride, if he asked me.  Marilyn said it could reach 70 by the time you were at the railroad tracks.  
This fish was caught in the nearby lake.  It was and I hope I have this right, 18.9 pounds after it had been out of the water for an hour.  It is 36 inches long.  Jim Dixon, have you ever caught a walleye this big?  Marilyn said that the rivers are all spring feed and the water temps are in the 50's all summer long.  

I wish I had taken a photo of the West Point sword on the wall in LC's house.  Marilyn is in the process of selling her house and moving a lot of belongings.

LC has a birthday on Friday, but Marilyn wanted to celebrate last night while we were there.  I was with her when she purchased one present in Cape Giradeau, MO and one in Sevierville, TN. 

I guess I forgot to mention that she cooked a great birthday dinner for the four of us.  
Marilyn and I had some margarita's during happy hour. I was trying to get as much up through that straw as I could.   

We topped of the birthday cake with shots of this and cream.  It was really good.
Here's the neighbor that separates LC and Marilyn's houses.  He's getting ready to drive his truck in the homecoming parade.

It was so great to spend time with them and finally see Camp Swampy.  Ellie, one of the three Yorkies,  and I are finally friends.  

When I posted the photo of us at Lambert's Throwed Rolls Cafe on Facebook, it quit working.  I told LC his photo broke it.  When I go to notifications it just keeps thinking.  Only two posts will show and the rest is blank.  Looks like I won't be on Facebook for awhile.

I finally decided to restore the computer.  Somehow that didn't work.  It was down most of the day.  I took the battery out and it wouldn't get past repairing the start up menu.  I left it alone and then when I came back it started up.  If anyone tries to contact me, don't use facebook.

This morning we drove over to Springfield.  We'll be here a couple of days.  

Turtle Safely.......

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