Saturday, October 31, 2015

Del Rosario's on the Road Again

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

Guess who came to Happy Hour and dinner?  I had told Bud and Susie Walsh that Don and Sharon Del Rosario were coming up here to visit.  They happen to be staying in the same RV Park.  Susie invited Bill and I to bring Don and Sharon over for dinner.  Isn't it nice that our friends always want to feed us?

A couple of weeks ago I suggested to Sharon that Casa Grande had a dialysis center and if Don needed a change of scenery we'd love to see them.  

If you've been following this blog for awhile, you know how calendar challenged I can be.  Sharon needed to know when we'd be here, as in what day exactly, to see if Don could be scheduled for dialysis.  I had no idea how busy these places are and that there are waiting lists.  

I fudged our schedule a little bit, just to allow for the unforeseen.  It was a good thing, as we had to wait for tires in Lubbock.  As it turned out, I was off my predicted date of arrival in Casa Grande by only a day.  

Sharon picked Don up at the dialysis center and then drove the motor home up to Casa Grande.   The minute they called to say they arrived and were set up, we jumped in the car and headed over.  

It felt like we hadn't seen them forever.   Don looked great considering he's lucky to be alive.  He had some very serious medical issues, but he appears to be doing very well.  Don lost 68 pounds but really looks good.  Sharon also lost a lot of weight and she looked very good.  

Gigi, the new member of the Del Rosario family, wasn't timid at all.  She came over and made up to me right away.  I think she's a very smart dog and has a nice personality beside being very good looking.  Sorry, I didn't get a photo of Gigi.  

Susie and Bud were about 10 sites over.  It didn't take long before everyone was talking like they'd known each other for a very long time.  
Susie called everyone inside for dinner,
everyone buy Zoey and Khaki.  These dogs I swear can tell when it's 6 o'clock--their dinner time.

Susie really loves to cook.  I can't understand anyone loving to cook, but she really does.
This is a bad photo that is good.  Anyone that knows Bud knows he doesn't sit still for long.  He's blurred, must be his ski instructor mode.  
Notice how thin Sharon is?

  It was a wonderful evening and what better way to spend Halloween than with friends you haven't seen for awhile.

Turtle Safely........

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