Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lamberts Dinner

Sikeston, Missouri
Hinton RV Park

Yesterday the winds and roads were very bad and Bill drove.  This morning the winds had died down and the sun was shining.  My kind of driving day.  Of course when I got behind the wheel, the winds picked up and there was a lot of construction with a lot of lane closures.  We arrived in Sikeston early due to gaining an hour.  

The purpose of stopping in Sikeston is to go to dinner at Lambert's Thrown Rolls. When we arrived in town, I decided I wasn't eating lunch so I would be hungry at dinner time.

We had a great surprise.  Look who drove up in their classic 1953 Ford all the way from Poplar Bluff to join us for dinner.  

It's LC and Marilyn Boyer!

I was surprised that Lambert's wasn't very crowded.  Usually, you have to wait for a table.  
Bill wasn't very hungry so he only ordered a salad.  Of course, they come by giving you fried okra.  We all caught our hot rolls and they were delicious.  Notice Bill's salad is on a bread platter.

Marilyn and LC had sorghum on their rolls.
 We all had plenty of pass arounds.
Marilyn was telling me that she actually went to the original Lambert's.   There's a wood carving of the original Lambert's in a showcase near the entrance that I failed to get a photo of.  

It's always great to see the Boyer's even if it was only the two of them tonight.  They left the "girls" at home.  We saw them last in July in Seiverville, TN.  

Turtle Safely..................

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