Thursday, October 1, 2015

Moved A Little Today

Elkhart County 4H Fairground
Goshen, IN

This morning we took the fifth wheel into the shop to repair my tree branch disaster from the campground from hell. See previous blog "an inch to  spare".  
 It was a great time to stop for breakfast at Lux's.  Bill had the corned beef hash and it came with 4 eggs.  

We came back to the fairgrounds and we weren't the only ones who were homeless.
 Dennis and Linda Ward and Ron and Mary Lichtenberg were also homeless.  We were able to say our "see ya's" to a lot of folks pulling out today.  The northeast area had to be vacated for another rally coming in.
 Ron and Terrie Ames are traveling to Maine.
Paul and Jan Kelpe are traveling with them.  If any of you know these two couples, you'll know the fun will be continuing all the way to Maine.  I can't wait to hear Paul tell the stories.
Well miss all of our friends, but also look forward to seeing them again.  
I had so much fun welcoming everyone when they arrived, and it was still nice to wave to them as they left.  
Can you guess what these four guys are talking about?

We rode out to Double D Salvage and looked around and when we came back down the road we saw Vicki and Mark Allen parked near Harley Hill waiting for Steve.  We figured we were just waiting around so pulled in and chatted with them.  

Mark gave me some backing tips.  I hate for Jim Dixon to know this but I was backing their Montana up with a Chevy truck.  

We were going to park over near George and Rosetta Person, but there were three others near the track so we just came back over in the 200's.  
Linda and Dennis are right next door to us.  They are waiting to see what direction the hurricane is predicted to take before going to Pennsylvania.  

Turtle Safely......

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