Friday, October 9, 2015

PJ Party

Wintersville, OH

We knew we needed to be up on Thursday morning to take the coach to the service center.  I got my shower early and Bill just put the hose away in the afternoon.  We'd just use the on board  water.  We never have to think about hoses and electric cords covered in dew in the morning when we are in Arizona, but since we're in Indiana we need to put the hose away the afternoon before departure.  After our showers, we both put our jammies on.  

Of course, you know what happens next.  There was a knock at the door and it was George and Rosetta Person.  It was so good to see them, and finally spend  some time with them. I'm so glad they stopped by, jammies or not.  

The next morning our hitch up went much easier since we bought our hose reel from MORyde.  No having to lift the heavy wet 50 amp cord.  We figured we'd be leaving the service center about 10, but it didn't take long at all to give them the keys and make sure they had our list of repairs.  This is our first time to use Recreational Customs.  Dorian Carpenter assured us that the coach would be taken care of and they will have it plugged in and ready for us when we return.

Bill drove the first leg of the trip and we decided to take     I 80.  Normally we like the back roads, but this was a quick trip and over familiar roads.  I took over the wheel near Cleveland.  
27.4 Miles per gallon when I took the wheel.
Before long I had the MPG at 27.9.
and then 28.0 MPG
Of course, the traffic was pretty bad when I took the wheel.
No time to take another tour of the Football Hall of Fame.
28.3 MPG
28.4 MPG

28.5 MPG
Over 1 mpg higher than when I took the wheel.
Do you think I'll make 29 MPG?
I sure did!
I'm enjoying this.
Our travels took us around Tappan Lake.
Bill must have been neglecting the photos because now I'm at 29.2 MPG.
I think this is the best mileage we've ever had on our '06 Dodge.

Why not exceed the record?
It's still getting better.
Bill doesn't have time to nap, since I keep telling him to take a photo of our record miles per gallon.
This is one time I wish we hadn't arrived yet.  I really wanted to see if we could get 30.  Oh well, I settle for that.
We have the best son in law.  He's fixing a delicious dinner for us.
Here's a photo of grand daughter, Olivia.
Grand son, Levani, ready for school.

Turtle Safely........... 

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