Monday, October 26, 2015

Shall we stay or shall we go.....

Lakewood, New Mexico
The Ranch

We were told that our four tires should arrive today.  Rather than sit around waiting for Costco to call we decided to drive over and see if they had the tires yet. We were told that they hadn't arrived yet, but when they called to find out where the delivery truck was, they said it should be in about 20 minutes.

Bill drove the truck over to the pumps to top off the fuel tank and was surprised to find diesel with no ethanol.  Even better the price was below two dollars.  Well, $1.999 is below two isn't it?  

It was 12:30 when they were finished.  Bill bought two of the $1.50 hot dogs so we could head right down the road as soon as we hitched up.

We hitched up and I ran down to tell Freddy and Delcie good by.  Bill and I both had a great time with them.  Can't wait until we see them again in a few months.  

The drive was pleasant until we crossed over into New Mexico.  I must say highway 82 was in poor condition other than I 65 in Indiana we haven't had any bad roads all summer.  The scenery was nothing but oil wells.  

When we pulled into The Ranch around 3:30 there was a motor home checking in in front of us.  Jan, said they had 5 that already checked in.  I think she said they only had one site left.   

It was a rush but we were backed in and set up in time for Happy Hour.  Bill didn't feel like rushing over for it so I went by myself.  I'm sure I was the last one to arrive.  They were just welcoming everyone that arrived today.  Guess who jumped up from the back row?  It was John Kohl.  He came up and gave me a big hug.  It finally dawned on me that the lady in charge of the Happy Hour had to be Shirley, his new wife.

I came back and just as we were clearing the dinner dishes there was a knock on the door.  It was John and Shirley coming over to say hi to Bill.  They invited us to join a small group for Happy Hour.  Bill grabbed a bottle of wine and we went to join them.  

This was my kind of campfire--no smoke and no smelly clothes.
It was a beautiful evening with some very nice people.
The full moon added to the atmosphere.  

Turtle Safely........

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