Monday, October 12, 2015

Wedding and Repairs

Oaktown, IN
New Vision RV Park
Site #36

Friday, Bill and I helped decorate the hall for Taylor and Justin's wedding reception.  They received 360 RSVP's from friends and family and admirers.  That's a lot of tables to have set up and decorated.  I must say Misty had everything planned perfectly.  She used burlap as runners over the white tablecloths.  Flower arrangements were dried flowers in mason jars, filled with corn.  By the time we finished, we had just enough time to run back and change our clothes. 

The weather was cloudy with a little rain.  I think everyone was nervous as the wedding was to take place outside on the farm the following day.

We attended the rehearsal dinner which was very nice.  We had good attentions of stopping to watch the Brooke County WV high school football team play Big Red, Steubenville, Ohio.  Big Red is rated fourth in the nation.  It was very cool so we had heavy jackets in the truck.  Unfortunately, we found we can't do it all and the score was 42 to nothing at half time.  By the time we left the dinner, we were exhausted, and it was late so we just went back to the Balakos' house where we were staying without going to the ballgame.  

Saturday the weather couldn't have been any nicer for the wedding.   Everything went flawlessly.  The wedding was perfect and of course, Taylor looked beautiful.  We also had two granddaughters as bridesmaids.  
Misty made the camo bow ties and vests.  You can't see the boutonnieres the men were wearing but they were made out of shotgun shells with dried flowers.  In case you didn't know it, Justin loves to duck hunt and work on the farm.  
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gray
Misty also made the flower girl's dress.

Bridal Party

The reception was perfect.  I especially thought they music was great.  Needless to say, with my recuperating from the broken heel, Bill and I didn't dance but we enjoyed watching the younger ones.  

Taylor's older brother, Alan.
Courtney and Jenna, granddaughters.

Taylor's younger brother, Anthony.

Justin, Shay, Taylor and Doug

Do you think Misty is happy the ceremony is over?

We headed back to Wintersville, and crawled into bed.  We knew we wanted to just wake up, get dressed and head out to Goshen.  Nikki and Nicky are always the perfect host and hostess but if we stayed for breakfast, it would have been a much later start.  This way we could drive for an hour or two and then take a break for breakfast.  

When we arrived in Goshen, we fueled the truck up and headed down to Recreational Customs. They had called us on Friday to say everything was completed and they would have our coach plugged into the electric.  They left our key and paperwork for us.  It was so nice to get back to our home on wheels.  We could have taken it back over to the fairground as we were paid up but since it was parked and set up we just walked inside and collapsed.

I must take a moment to thank Keystone--Montana division, for taking care of us so well.  The front door always stuck just a bit, but one of those things we didn't think about. The first thing I noticed was that it was repaired.  They also replaced the fireplace with an upgraded one.   We had a window that was hard to open now it goes up so easily.

This morning we headed south and stopped in Oaktown, Indiana for the night.  Pull thru, 50 amp full hook up, wide sites, and a lake.  How about $15.68 for the night for Passport America?  

Tomorrow I think we might just head to Sikeston, Missouri.  Do you think we'll be eating out? 

Turtle Safely......

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