Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Where are the Boomers?

Woodward, OK
Hank's Trail RV Resort

Yesterday's drive was dry but very windy.  The winds were steady at 25 to 30 miles per hour and hitting us broadside.  There weren't any trees to block the winds.  I was glad it was Bill's turn to drive.  

I had searched on google earth to make sure there was room to park the coach at the Marland Mansion.  Unfortunately, I forgot to check what days they are open.  You guessed it.  
Oil is king in Ponca City.

We were both very tired when we arrived in Woodward.  Of course, if we could have found the RV park easier, it would have helped.  They haven't put any signage up yet as it's only three years old.  There is also a difference between east and west on a street address.  

The winds were so bad you couldn't go in and out the door without really hanging on.  We just relaxed the rest of the evening.

We latched the door to the body of the coach and it was blowing so hard it broke the latch.  I called a local RV repair shop to see if they had a new latch.  The guy asked where we were and I told him the name of the park.  He said he'd bring one by.  Did I hear that right, he would deliver the part?

This park has huge cement pull thru sites.  The neat thing about Hank's RV is the laundry room is free to the RVers.  There are 6 of the large capacity HE machines and 6 matching dryers.  There is a large screen TV to watch while you wait.  Since the winds were still blowing I didn't want to go to the Windmill Museum or the Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum, so I did some laundry.  As I was walking back to the coach, I saw something under the back end.  I picked it up and it was the new latch to hold the door open.  I called the fellow back and just got his voice mail so I left a message regarding how to pay him for the part.

I also decided that the basement needed a good cleaning and organizing. 

Bill took this picture of my better side.

I have no idea how fellow RVers have such organized basements.  

Bill wanted to fuel up the truck as our miles per gallon on the drive over weren't good in the high winds.  We also wanted to find the RV repair shop so we could pay for our part since we didn't get a return call.  Luckily, we did find the garage and Bill paid for the part.  

Since we were going out to fuel up we decided to drive to Fort Supply to the National Military Park.  Since it was a national site and today is Tuesday it never occurred to me to check and see if they were open.  Yep, it was closed.  
Wagg's Bar-B-Q

Bill suggested we stop for dinner and asked what I wanted.  We had passed a restaurant the day before that advertised catfish so Bill turned the truck around to find it.  

It's one of those little treasures you find while exploring the U. S.

Notice the tin ceiling.  

The building used to be an automobile manufacturing building.

These spurs didn't show up well, but there is quite a collection of expensive ones.

The newspaper menu says "Wagg's Bar B Q Popular as Sears Wish Book In An Outhouse."  

The salad bar was great and there was also a pickle bar.  The food was reasonable, plentiful, and delicious. There was a good selection from brisket, ribs, seafood or steak.  

You can't see from the photo but I'm a member of the clean plate club.

Bill and I are members of the Escapees Boomers.  I had to take this photo as we drove through town.  
Where are the Boomers?  Maybe a good place to have a boomerang.

Turtle Safely......

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