Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Attended College Today

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

Just a short catch up before I get too far behind.  Bill had an appointment with his cardiologist on Friday and I had an appointment this week with my retina doctor.  Both visits went well. 

We stopped after the doctor visit to check on my glasses that I had ordered from Costco the previous week.  They weren't in but the fellow checked and found out they were in transit.  We decided to go see a movie and then stop back before heading back to Casa Grande.  Bridge of Spies was just starting as we walked up to the ticket booth so we chose that one.  It was really good and I especially love true stories. 

When we returned to Costco the glasses were in.  I tried them on, and everything was blurry.  Did I mention how much I loved this frame?  It was completely different than my other glasses.  The technician said it looked like the progressive lenses were not in the right location but because my eyes were dilated he couldn't measure.  We would need to come back another day when my eyes weren't dilated. It was late by the time we returned to Casa Grande but luckily  the winds didn't cause any traffic jams.

A doctor friend asked us to do her a favor.  Her husband is now the attending doctor for Dad.  She asked us to come to one of her classes at Central Arizona College and talk with her students about our life experiences.  I'm not someone who can get up and talk in front of people.  I won't say she bribed us, but she brought a bottle of her husband's homemade wine.  One taste of that wine, and we agreed to do it.   

Today was our day to go to school.  The campus is probably the cleanest one we've ever visited.  We had a friend who coached a girls team and we used to go watch the games but that was a long, long time ago.  

I realize now that I couldn't be a politician or a comic.  Thinking of fast answers on my feet is not one of my good qualities, however Bill made it look very easy.  

Some of the typical questions, how old, where you were born and grew up, education, were pretty easy.  But then came, what is your greatest accomplishment, what would you do over, who had a great impact in your life, any regrets, greatest personal and professional achievement.  After it was over, I could think of what I should have said.  

Bill has had such an interesting and diverse life he could have talked all day.  The students had all kind of questions for him.  We had an appointment in Chandler so we weren't able to linger.  We left while the class continued.  One student left the class as we were leaving the building and came up to us and wanted to shake Bill's hand.  He also wanted to have a picture taken with Bill. The student said he was inspired by what Bill said about life situations he had encountered and how he handled them.  He was going to call his girlfriend right away and tell her about our visit.

Now for the end of the glasses story.  Remember me saying how much I loved the new frames I ordered?  Well it seems that the way I look through my frames won't work with that frame or about 99% of the ones they have.  I've never been able to wear the plastic frames because the nose piece is fixed.  I guess I don't have a normal nose.  Do you think that's the only thing about me that isn't normal?  That leaves a selection of three frames.  One pair was purple, the other one was blue and I settled for number three.  I can't even remember what color they were.  

While my news about the glasses wasn't what I wanted to hear, we did have some very good news.  The pharmacy called regarding the $3,100.00 prescription for Bill.  They found a coupon from the drug company and the prescription now costs $10.00 and was ready for pick up.  

We stopped to "visit" Dad.  It's really not a visit as he didn't know either of us today.  He seemed content and the staff had a movie playing for him.  He really is very lucky to be in such a caring place.  

Earlier in the week we stopped and had our passport photos taken.  It's time to renew them, and we have to be careful of the time frame when we send them in.  We'll make a trip to Yuma in the near future and then send them in for renewal.  

One of the things on my bucket list has been a river cruise from Paris to Normandy.  I checked the price and it's really been drastically reduced.  I'll feel naked until I have my passport back and can take advantage of a special deal. 

Today as we drove past the motor vehicle department I noticed that there were only cars parked in the first two rows.  Maybe today might be a good day to renew my drivers license.  An hour later I came out holding a paper that shows I paid my renewal fee, and my license will be mailed to me within two weeks.   After all that work I come out with a piece of paper and a hole punch in my old license. 

Turtle Safely......

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