Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boo Hoo

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

It's been so much fun but every party must end.  Today Don and Sharon Del Rosario returned to Tucson and Bud and Susie Walsh left for Colorado.  It's been a lot of fun having friends around.  Why did they both have to leave at the same time?  I'm going to have withdrawals.  At least they could have left in stages?

Sunday night we went to the Hong Kong Kitchen with Bud, Susie, Don and Sharon.  There was another couple that Don and Sharon knew that joined us.  Connie and Larry Farquhar shared some of their travel stories with us.  Sorry I didn't get a photo but Sharon posted one on Facebook.

I was also sorry that I didn't get a picture of Don with his prisoner carving of an anchor.  We knew he was going to stop on their maritime adventures to get it, but it was so much nicer than the photo showed that Sharon posted.   

We offered to walk Bud and Susie's dog while they
drove to Yuma to walk across the border to Mexico for some dental work.  Zoey and Khaki, their golden retrievers, were so happy when they saw us.  We walked them and went to return them to the coach.  Khaki decided the sun was shinning and she wanted to stay outside with us.  Zoey went right in when we entered the coach, but as soon as we turned around to leave, she decided she'd go with us.  It was pretty comical watching us try to get both dogs inside at the same time.  

Monday Bill and I received our pneumonia and flu shots. Sharon and Don wanted to go to Tommy's Bistro but my arm swelled up like a baseball and I felt a little queasy.  That evening Bill started feeling the same way.  We ended up having our left over Chinese food for dinner while Don and Sharon enjoyed Tommy's.  

Last night Sharon picked us up to ride out to Ak Chin and pick Don up from his dialysis.  The technician told us about a great Mexican restaurant in Maricopa.   I can't remember the exact name but it was Bonita something.  
This is a great photo of Sharon but I think I have a better one of Don.  Not sure which story Don was telling when I took this photo.
Don's smiling face is much better in this photo.
Bill and I were celebrating out 19th wedding anniversary.  Sharon's 29th birthday is tomorrow.  
The dialysis technican said all the tables and chairs were hand painted.  Someone has a real talent.
Susie also brought us a something from this Mexican store.
Yep, another bottle of almond tequila!

We had to take our car in for a recall.  I had an appointment scheduled last January, but then I broke my heel so I had to cancel it.  Finally got that completed today.  They gave us a rental car but Bill was so uncomfortable driving it, we didn't bother to go to the Escapees luncheon. His head was hitting the roof and I had to open the sun roof.

Flagstaff received 8.8 inches of snow today at the airport.  I hope Bud and Susie didn't have any problems.  

Turtle Safely......... 

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