Friday, November 20, 2015

We Have a Cool Truck

Yuma, Arizona
KOFA Co-op Escapees Park

The RV cleaning company arrived today promptly at 8 am.  They spent about 2 and half hours washing and waxing it.  The guys told us they were the "A" team. They spent a lot of time cleaning the roof.  We've never used this company before and the other ones I called couldn't do it before we leave.  They don't even ask how long the coach is--$99 no matter the size.  We were happy with Benjamin's service.

I walked over to the office to pay our propane bill.  $7.13 is the cheapest we've ever paid for a tank of propane.  Did I mention how much I enjoy this RV park?

After admiring our clean coach, we drove the rental car over to one of the flea markets in town.  We enjoy walking up and down the aisles and we needed some of those bungee cords with the knobs on them.

It's nice to be in a different town and all at once see a familiar face.  We haven't seen Don Smith for a long time.  He seems to crop up unexpected from time to time.
Don had printed off information sheets on the balloon festival for the Chapter 25 rally that is going on in the area.  Now we have the times and places of the events.  However, I noticed that activities start at 6 am.  I think maybe we'll attend the park garage sales from 8-noon instead and then check out the balloons.  

There's also another flea market we'd like to check out tomorrow before some Escapee friends arrive in the afternoon.   

We decided to go to the casino for lunch.  As we were nearing the casino I mentioned that I told the rental car place we weren't taking the car out of state.  Bill made a quick exit and we decided to try 5 Guys.  It was okay, but if I'm going to spend near $25 for lunch, I want to be served and have a real meal.  

As we were eating, the garage called to say the truck was ready.  It didn't take long for Bill to arrive at the garage.  Do you think he was anxious to get it back?  

Now all we have to do is find the rental car place.  Bill drove the truck and I followed behind in the car.  The previous evening when we stopped for the rental car, it was packed with four people doing the paperwork for the lines of people.  I guess I didn't mention yesterday that we got the last car they had. As crowded as it was yesterday, there was no one but employees in the office today--feast or famine.

Bill was happy to have the truck back and also that the temps were 81 so he could make sure the truck was nice and cool.  

I think tomorrow will be a busy day and hopefully we'll have time to check out the depot musuem.

Turtle Safely......... 

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