Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where's the worse drug smuggling in the USA?

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

I know it has been awhile since I blogged, but I was giving enough time to pass before I mentioned things publicly.

Last Tuesday I took my 95 year old Dad to our family doctor for his checkup.  Dad didn't recognize the doctor who has been treating him for 21 years.  He didn't know the day of the week or what town he lives in.  It was decided that the next course of treatment was pallative care.  Our doctor called in Hospice for his dementia.  

I had to sign stacks of paperwork and so far there have been 5 different people to check on Dad.  For some reason they call right at dinner time and I have to rush down to the care facility as is.  It's been a long week, but things are starting to fall in place.  

I did go to the eye doctor on Monday and there was no change, which is good.  I have to return next Monday to see the retina doctor and then follow up in 2 to 3 months.  

It was Bill's turn for the dermatologist today.  He sees him every six months due to his skin cancer.  The doctor gave him a generic prescription  and we took it to the local pharmacy.  You could have picked me up from the floor when I found out what the cost was.  Can you believe, three thousand one hundred and I don't know what he said after that?   Hopefully, they can find a coupon for a discount.  

Did I mention that even though the weather was snowy in Flagstaff, Susie and Bud Walsh didn't have any trouble returning to Colorado.  Of course it did help that they left their Big Sky in the storage lot in Casa Grande.  

I have been tossing around what to do about Thanksgiving Dinner.  As much as I hate cooking, I really don't mind doing Thanksgiving dinner.  When I was at the Hospice office today, I asked what they thought was best for Dad.  They said to remove him from the area where he is comfortable wouldn't be a good idea.  The other day when we went to his room, he couldn't find it.  

The facility will allow family members to attend the dinner at the assisted care for a fee of $15 per person.  We've decided to do that.  

It sounds like people are getting excited about Quartzite.  We are signed up for two events already.  

Today we attended the Escapees luncheon at the Golden Corral.  When they sent out the invitations, they announced that Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, was to be the speaker. Steve Henry, Chief Deputy, came in his place.  

Steve began by saying that Pinal County is as large as the state of Connecticut.  He said this area is number one in drug smuggling in the USA.  He was a very good speaker and didn't sugar coat everything.  

Everyone received a Pinal County Sheriff patch in a little folder which gave some details about the department.  One detail was, "During 2012 PCSO led a multi-agency operation which scored the largest drug bust in Arizona history, smashing Sinaloa Cartel's 2 to 3 billion dollar drug smuggling operation arresting 76 cartel members, seizing 108 weapons including scoped rifles, AK-47's and two guns from "Operation Fast and Furious". Unfortunately, drugs are coming across faster than they can arrest them.  When they are arrested they serve their short term and then are set free. 

Turtle Safely......

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