Thursday, November 19, 2015

Will a Volkswagen Pull It?

Yuma, Arizona
KOFA Co-op Escapees Park

Bill and I parked the truck at the Mexican border and found the parking lot wasn't full at all.  It was a great day for a trip to Mexico.  The last time we visited I had a broken heel and had to get around on the knee scooter.  It was a lot more fun today.  

Our first stop was to get out teeth cleaned and checked.  I can't believe how busy these offices are. 
The office looks like any American dental office.  The dentist actually does the cleaning not a hygienist.

It's still a border town, but I like Los Algondones much better than the other ones we've visited.

When we stopped for lunch I wanted a seat in the sun and Bill wanted one in the shade.  They were happy to accommodate both of us. 
The music and sunshine made for an enjoyable lunch.  Bill ordered a beer but after he tasted my margarita he ordered one. 
The vendors weren't pushy at all.
He thought Bill might like a sun hat.
I think it looked better on Bill.
Gee, these turtle earrings just happened to end up on our tablecloth.  So cheap I ended up with two pair for less than the first offer of a single pair.

One stop at the purple store for some tequila and scotch and we were ready to leave before 3.  Usually no matter what time we're ready to go back across the border there's a line and the shortest wait we've had was 45 minutes.  When we walked over, I was confused at first.  There was no one, absolutely no one in line.  There were 4 lanes open and again no one was in line.  I couldn't believe it.  

When we were driving back, the air conditioner wasn't working on the truck.  We stopped to have it checked out and found out the compressor was toast.  They called for a rental car and told us the truck should be done tomorrow.  
 Do you think it will be able to tow the rig?  

Turtle Safely.......

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