Friday, March 4, 2016

Another Montana Mingle--March

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

Where has the time gone?  I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged.

Bud and Susie Walsh left for Colorado as Bud had some ski lessons to give.  Just knowing Bud and his personality I'm sure he's a great instructor and his students love him.  I remember him explaining about skiing during the Olympics and he has a real passion for the sport.  He made it all sound so simple.  I'm not ready to try it yet, but if I were, Bud would be who I would employ. 

Susie called after they were on the road.  She was afraid she didn't close the slide all the way.  No problem, we went over and double checked for her.  The RV park is allowing them to stay on the site and pay one dollar more than the two dollar charge for storage.  They will be all plugged in and set up when they return.  Not a bad deal.  

No sooner than we returned from the RV park, I received a call from Dennis and Linda Ward.  They were coming to Casa Grande and wanted the name of the park.  I told them there were plenty of sites, as we just returned from the park so no need to reserve.  They thought they would be in in the afternoon.  

We had an appointment to get the vehicle serviced and they called while we were in the store killing time waiting on the repairs.  It was so nice to get to spend time with them, while not in a big group.  They have a beautiful Montana with one of the nicest floor plans, that Montana discontinued.  

Bill told Dennis that we had Yuengling Beer in the refrigerator and it didn't take long before they were knocking on the door.  Dennis and Linda visited the brewery last fall and it is on our bucket list for this year.

After we solved about half the world problems, we went for Chinese food.  We were all talking so much, I don't think Linda heard us say they were big portions and we usually split a meal.  Bill and I still had enough left of our meal for another one.  Dennis had a couple of boxes of food left.  

We went to the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon in Apache Junction the following day.  This was the last meeting that we attend until the fall.  They do have an annual picnic planned in April, so if you're an Escapees you might want to come.

When we returned, we found out they decided to stay another day.  They came over and we visited again.  I think we may have left a world problem or two unsolved.  

They were planning to head to Tucson and stay at the fairgrounds but they were charging $30 a night because there was a big event going on.  I suggested they stay in Amado if they were going to pay those prices, they should have some amenities.  They love to swim and De Anza has a nice indoor salt water pool.  

John and Shirley Kohl had e-mailed me (everyone knows I don't text) to say they were in Organ Pipe and coming this way by Friday.

I had ordered a poster for Dad last week.  I can't believe what I paid for expedited shipping and it still took that long for a sheet of paper.  No wonder the postal service is having problems, although we do have the best postman in town. 

Dad wanders the halls of the assisted living place and is having trouble finding his apartment.  We thought since he's living in the days of his time spent in the navy, if we put a poster of an aircraft carrier on his door, it may help him find his apartment.  At this point, it's something we have to try, even if it doesn't help.  

We also bought more Dr. Pepper.  I don't remember if I posted the story of the Dr. Pepper.  We took him a case of Dr. Pepper and the next day when we went over, the entire case was gone.  This has been going on for a while, so yesterday we only took a 12 pack.  We'll see if it is still there.  He must give everything he has away as he thinks he's being shipped out immediately.  

When we were walking in the door from visiting Dad, John called to say they were parked and settled for the night.  We drove over and picked them up and showed them around the area.  Shirley said she had stayed at that park a while back.  Once again it was nice to be able to visit with just them and not have to share them with others.  John and Shirley are newlyweds and they just glow with happiness.  While we've known John since we first joined the Montana Owners Club, we're pleased to get to know Shirley better.  It's hard to believe we enjoy her more and more and we see why John fell head over heels for her. 

Naturally, we went out to eat.  We told John to pick the place and he chose Suki's Barbecue.  I hadn't been in there since the ownership change and thought of it more as a take out place, but it worked out fine.  They had a sampler meal for two that had all the meats and three sides.  We all shared one sampler and there was plenty for everyone with even some left over.

I was hoping they were going to stay longer, but hopefully next time they will.  

Turtle Safely..........

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