Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day in the Town To Tough To Die

Cochise Terrace
Benson, AZ

St. Patrick's Day didn't start out the way we wanted it to.  Can you imagine a morning without coffee?  Frank and Gloria had asked us to come and visit them around 10 am.  

But we were up around 7 am and the coffee pot wouldn't work.  I was really having trouble functioning. As soon as I got out of the shower we made a trip to Walmart.  

It was almost 10 when we returned from Walmart so we went directly over to Frank and Gloria's Montana.  She immediately served a fresh pot of strong coffee.  What a lifesaver!  I can't remember a cup of coffee tasting so good.

Don had a doctor's appointment today so we didn't see them.

We had told Ron and Mary that we would visit them when we left the King's.  They are staying at a park near the Escapees park.  

Jim and Bev are also at that park but Bev had the crud.  Judy and Charlie are also staying there and Judy was giving a haircut.  

Ron asked Bill if we wanted to go to Tombstone for lunch at Big Nose Kate's.  He also told Bill he would drive.  Now anyone that know's Bill, knows he was all for that.  

We hadn't been to Tombstone since last May so needless to say we enjoyed it.  I have to say there were many people there, maybe because of spring break?

I saw a beautiful sand painting that I fell in love with but when it was taken down off the wall it had a big bow in the frame.  

When we walked up to Big Nose Kate's there was a long line waiting outside to get in.  We walked on up the street or should I say we shopped up the street and by the time we walked back down the other side, there were only a few people in line at Kate's.  

The music was great as always.  Unfortunately, we forgot how big the Ruben sandwiches are and each ordered one.  

It was a great day and we really enjoyed spending time with Ron and Mary.  They are the hosts for the Montana Owners Club Rally in Nebraska.  

It's so much fun when we have a Montana Mingle.  

Turtle Safely......

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