Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Closed--Park and Exit

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

We were in no hurry hitching up as our plans were to drive to Tucson.  Do you know what happens when you have decided you aren't in a hurry?  Yep, you're right.  We were ready to pull out before 10.  

I drove yesterday and the weather was perfect and the traffic and construction wasn't bad.  I pulled up to the gate at the Pima County Fairgrounds and found this.
How could the fairgrounds RV park be closed on a Monday?  What kind of a deal is this?  

Now what?  I continued out the road on Rita and pulled over to the side of the road and called the fairgrounds.  Yes, they are closed getting ready for the fair.  Now what?  

All of a sudden I looked up and there were swarms of bees everywhere.  Both sides of the fiver, roof, and all the windows of the truck were covered with them.  

I hit the gas pedal and we went back down to the Houghton exit.  I remembered there was a RV park near the fairgrounds.  

First impressions weren't good.  The road into the park was full of potholes.  It was an old park.  Oh well, it can't be expensive or can it?  I ended up taking a 30 amp site and it wasn't easy to make some of the tight turns.  At least the lady at check in was very nice.

It was almost 11 when I called to let Karen know we have arrived.  We decided to drive down to their place rather than them come over.  It didn't take long to get to their place.

John and Karen Knoll are old friends that we met in South Dakota many years ago.  They were so helpful about RVing.
They were full timers at that point, but they have since bought a beautiful home in Green Valley.  You would not believe how they have transformed this home.  Not just the exterior and interior their landscaping is something out of Better Homes and Gardens.  

John greeted us and showed us what they've done in the front yard.
They also showed us his new Harley he purchased since we've seen them.
Being a former rider of a Moto Guzzi, I had to see what it felt like to sit on.
Back in the saddle again........

John and Karen were also sporting new hair styles.  Karen's on her head and John's on his face.
We had a fine meal at El Rodeo.  Every table was occupied.
The food was delicious and plentiful.  The margarita's were very good too.
I couldn't believe that it had gotten dark outside and how late it was.  We aren't nighttime drivers anymore, but it was around 8 pm when we returned.  I can't believe we didn't run out of things to say in all that time.

Our plan had been to stay two days in Tucson and spent the next day visiting Geri and Terry but the weather forecast wasn't great and we decided to just come back to Casa Grande today.  We left about 9:30 and I drove back up I 10.  The traffic wasn't bad at all going through Tucson.  The winds were blowing hard, but I couldn't really feel it while driving.

Bill and I were chatting on the way and we both felt like this past week we were on a vacation.  We didn't travel far, had no real plans but had so much fun just visiting with friends.  

I took the exit to I 8 and as I was approaching the exit for Thornton Road there was a sign that said right lane closed 3/4 mile.  The exit sign said 1/2 mile.  Now if my math is correct that would mean the exit comes before the lane ends.  I'm in the right lane ready to make the exit when I notice a barricade across the exit.  Now I have to get into the left lane quickly.  Do you think anyone would let me in?

I ended up going down to the next exit and it turned out to be dirt roads so crossed over and came back to the exit before Thornton.  What a mess!  

I must say I did a pretty good job of parking again.  It seems to be getting easier.  

Turtle Safely........

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