Thursday, April 28, 2016

Frustration Continues

Desert Willow RV Park
Van Horn, Texas

Yesterday we got up and decided to just veg another day.  We lost one hour since Arizona doesn't have daylight avings time and we knew the next leg of the trip meant another lost hour in the time change.  Other than making a stop at Pepper's Grocery for some fresh produce and some salt for the water softener we didn't do anything else. 

Martha and Jim had a great time exploring the area with a visit to Columbus, NM.  Columbus is where Pancho Villa invaded the United States.  Martha came over when they returned and I had a chance to visit with her while Bill enjoyed a nap upstairs.  We chatted right through Happy Hour but I enjoyed Martha's visit much more than if I had attended the Happy Hour. 

Bill and I walked up to the clubhouse later to exchange a book.  I saw a coupon for the Escapees Saguaro park in Benson.  It was for a week's stay for $50.00 for full hook ups for a first timer Escapee member.  I picked it up and gave it to the Abernathy's.  A little while later Jim came over to ask about seeing Tombstone while staying in Benson.  I had a number of other interesting places to visit while in the area.

We were ready to leave around 9 and Jim and Martha came over to say good by.  I'm hoping they decide to go to the Escapade in Vermont.  I know they would love it and have some fun.  If they don't, I guess we'll meet up with them in September. 

Today was my turn to drive and as I pulled out of the park, the GPS announced there was construction ahead.  There was some wind today but nothing you could feel until you were out of the truck. 

We have a perfect record with the by-pass around El Paso.  Sharon Del Rosario gave it to us many years ago and every time we almost make it without a hitch.  Today was no exception.  Our record is intact.  I thought maybe coming from the west would make it easier but we still missed a turn.  Not as bad as the time we went up over the mountain, but this time I ended up in central El Paso.  I was doing fine....across 404 to the 213 (which messed us up last time as it was Martin Luther King Road). Down to US 54.  Then the GPS announced 54 West and South.  I took 54 West and then in about 50 feet 54 South went off to the left.  Of course, I was in the right hand lane.  We then saw a sign that said Van Horn and I 10 so instead of turning around and going back to 54 South and then 375 we continued on down 54 west.  Just a note to anyone headed in that direction--don't do it!  Just goes to show I should have been following that motorhome which has the upper running lights not working.

Other than that, the drive was uneventful.  I did stop about 40 miles from Van Horn and give the wheel back to Bill. 

We are in an Escapees discount park in Van Horn--$13.50 per night for full hook ups. 

Not sure which way we'll go tomorrow.  Two days of driving on I 10 is really boring.  Thank goodness for a good audio book. 

Are there any readers out there from southern Texas?  We saw so much on TV about all the flooding around Houston that we wondering if we should detour Houston. 

Now for my frustration continues......I turned on my computer and punched in the code for the park wifi.  It wouldn't work.  I then was so frustrated I went to my hotspot and that wouldn't work.  After trying it over and over it wouldn't work so I called brother in law Dave.  He had me doing a few things of which was restarting the computer and it still wouldn't work.  After a while he said he didn't know what else to try.  I hung up and restarted the computer again and my hotspot worked.  I then tried the park WIFI and it worked. 

Have you noticed I haven't posted photos in awhile.  I'm a creature of old habits and this Windows 10 is driving me crazy. 

Turtle Safely......

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