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Hospitals to Picnic

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I realized it's been a week since I last blogged.  It's been an interesting week.  

Last Wednesday night, about midnight, Bill woke up with chest pains.  He insisted that it was nothing and he'd feel better in a little time.  All morning he was in pain but his blood pressure was in his normal range.  I kept suggesting we go to the emergency room, but Bill kept thinking the pain would go away.  

I finally said let's just go to our family doctor and see what he says.  Bill reluctantly agreed to that and we left for his office.  I was surprised when we walked in and there was no one waiting in the office.  Bonnie said the doctor wasn't in and we should either go to the urgent care of the emergency room.  The urgent care is a couple of blocks away, so I headed to their office without asking Bill if we should go.  There wasn't a soul in there.  Mid afternoon and the urgent care is empty.  This was a good sign.  Bill walked in and said he had chest pains and they took him right back.  He didn't have to show any  medical insurance cards.  They hooked him to a EKG and came back and said to go directly to the emergency room.  

When we walked into the emergency room I knew why the urgent care was empty.  Everyone was in the ER.  They took Bill back immediately without even putting an arm band on him.  Still no medicare or insurance cards were asked for. 

I counted the seats while I was waiting and there were 50.  There were people outside the emergency room waiting for seats.

I can't remember ever being in the emergency room but I must say I was surprised to see a dog being used by the security men.  Was he sniffing for drugs or bombs?  

The nurse came and took me back to his room after they completed some testing.  They called number 1 cardiologist, who was out of the country then tried the number 2 one who he saw for the AFIB a few weeks earlier.  He wasn't available either.  Another new cardiologist  said to admit him for observation.  Once it was determined that they would admit him, it didn't take long for them to come and take him to his room.  He was taken to his room by 5 pm.  The pain finally subsided and they  started treating him for GERD.  

He said they woke him up through the night as his heart rate went very low.  They decreased his medicine by a half. The following morning he was discharged.  Bill said he couldn't have had any better care than the hospital gave him.  

He was to follow up with his family doctor and his cardiologist.  I said we already had an appointment with the cardiologist on the 11th  and that was fine.

Bill started getting a terrible cough, muscle pains, and headache.  Our family doctor took him off the statin for his cholesterol.  He has a follow up appointment on the 26th.  

Every day since his hospital stay he seems to be feeling better.  He's not completely back to normal but heading in the right direction.

Yesterday was the Escapees Chapter 45 annual picnic.  Bill didn't feel up to going, so I rode with John and Karen Knoll.  They drove from Green Valley.  This made a 300 mile round trip for them to attend the picnic.  

I believe there were 54 people who attended.  It was great fun and a lot of members were eager to tell there plans for the summer.  

The picnic was catered and members were asked to bring either desserts or appetizers.  They had baked chicken, fried chicken, pasta, salad and beef sandwiches.  No one went away hungry.  

Gene Christensen always gets the bean bag baseball going.  I didn't play this year as my foot hasn't been cooperating lately.  The temperatures was expected to be 98 degrees but it was windy, so I don't think the heat bothered anyone.  
John and Karen were going to stop and visit some friends in Mesa so I rode back with Dave and Sherry.  I was anxious to see how Bill was doing and he looked like he felt better.  Things are looking up.

Speaking of things looking up.  Don Del Rosario called as he was leaving his kidney doctor.  He no longer has to be on dialysis.  I had no idea that this could happen and I'm sure it's extremely rare.  We're so happy for Don and Sharon.  Their great attitude during this whole ordeal has been superb, which, I'm sure, contributed to this success.

Here's some photos from the picnic.  

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