Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Long Day

Pioneer Beach Resort
Port Aransas, Texas

Yesterday we realized we'd seen LBJ's place and when we thought about seeing the Sinkhole we found out you have to have advance reservations.  No problem for us, the pool looked inviting.  

It was nice having the pool all to ourselves.  As we were walking back to the Montana the couple next door to us asked if we were Escapees.  I guess the big decals must have given us away.  They invited us to come visit at their patio.  They had one of the sites that had the covered patio covers.  I'm sorry I didn't have my phone or camera with us.

They are Escapee number 10.  Considering how many members the Escapees have that's really remarkable.  They are longtime friends of Bud and Cathie Carr and Joe and Kay Petersen.  

After our visit, Bill and I walked up to Lum's Bar B Que.  My mouth was watering for some real Texas Bar B Que.  I was surprised that the place was more like an old fashioned gas station.  You made a choice of your meat and side.  Bill and I both got brisket.  There was 4 big slices of brisket and two sides served on a paper plate.  You didn't pay until you were ready to leave.  It was okay, but after the great meal the night before at Isaack's, it didn't compare.

This morning we followed nearly everyone else in the park out.  It was cloudy and somewhat windy.  Bill drove the entire day.  I think we were the last to leave.

Our plan was to stay in Kingsville to visit the King Ranch.  It has been on our bucket list ever since we took a trip to Big Bend.  Another couple wanted to go with us some years back, but the husband had a doctor appointment and we needed to wait a week before they could go.  Long story short, after waiting a week I called to say what time we'd be leaving the following morning.  The husband told me that the wife decided she wanted to go to something else.  This was right before the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma, so  we didn't have enough days to tour the King Ranch and still get back to Yuma.  Lesson learned, if you want to travel with us that is fine, but we aren't going to change our plans again.  

The wildflowers are beautiful but Texas needs to clean up their rest stops.

I had called a RV park the previous night and the women told me she was closed on Sunday but when we got there to call her.  After we arrived I called and got the answer service and I still haven't been called back. No problem as I don't think we would have been comfortable there.  The roads into Kingsville were all under construction or destruction.  Not sure which.
I didn't care for this bridge on Padre Island and was glad Bill was driving.

In the mean time, another RV park finally got back to us.  This one was in Port Aransas which was an hour and a half away.  The girl told me we had to be there before they closed at 5 pm.  

We pulled into the park a couple of minutes before 5.  The park is pretty crowded.  We have a site closer to the road than the beach.  The beach isn't crowded and the water is pretty warm.  

Turtle Safely........

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