Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Attacked by Alligators and Lovebugs

Lazy Longhorn RV Park
Victoria, Texas

Nothing exciting today other than an alligator attacking us. We knew today's drive to Victoria was less than 100 miles but we were on the road by 9 am.  I took the wheel this morning.  I guess I wouldn't have volunteered to drive if I had remembered that I had to drive over the causeway.  Yes, I did not take the ferry.  
 The GPS was working fine today until I was near a turn off in Corpus Christi when it decided to quit.  I decided I was a faster map navigator than Bill so I gave him the drivers seat.  I was very glad he was driving when all of a sudden with no where to avoid it, we went over a big black alligator.  The noise was horrendous.  Bill managed to keep it between the wheels.  
Thankfully it didn't do any more damage than mostly cosmetic.  This is the second black alligator (tire tread for non-RVers.)  The last one that came flying at us hit the top of the truck the nose of the coach and landed in the back of the truck.  It is dented a little but no damage on the inside.

The love bugs were horrible.  The windshield was covered in them.  It made me very uncomfortable trying to look out the windshield.

We are in a nice park which honors Escapees and Passport America.  It is a 50 amp full hook up.  Bill was smiling when I said it was a pull thru.  I was smiling when they said $15 a day.  Maybe we'll take a dip in the pool.

It didn't take long, but I'm sure your not surprised.  
Bill is smiling now.

While Bill was outside playing with the truck, I was on the phone with Rand McNally.  It took a long time because all of my files were removed, repaired and restored.  The tech that I worked with was very professional, spoke English and was very patient.  It seems to be working now, but time will tell when it's been on for while.  If I ever have to replace it, it will be another Rand McNally after my experience with the customer service. 

We drove down to the old section of town and there are some beautiful buildings here.  We saw a couple of museums that looked interesting but we had groceries in the truck that needed refrigerated.   

Turtle Safely........

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