Monday, May 9, 2016


Abbeville, Louisiana
Betty's RV Park

Early this morning we heard raindrops but they didn't last long.  Sunday and Monday forecast was for rain in Houston but it was just cloudy yesterday and today looked the same.  We hitched up early, trying to be ahead of the storm.  Did I say early?  Is 7:30 am early?  Mark this down in the history books.

I suggested Bill drive the first leg of the trip since my navigating is just a tad better than his going through a big city.  I heard stories about the Houston traffic.  We drove up 146 with less traffic than we've seen since we've been here.  It was smooth driving except for the crosswinds.

The Louisiana welcome center was closed due to the floods and being rebuilt.  There were no rest stops on I 10 so we didn't stop to change drivers.   

We pulled into Betty's about noon.  I went in to pay for our week here.  Bill got the rig backed in and set up in no time.  

Bill decided it was time for a nap and no sooner than he fell asleep, there was a knock on the door.  It was Lynn and Dave Cross.  They have commitments and have to leave tomorrow.

After their visit, it was time for the famous Betty's Happy Hour which starts at 4:30.  Don and Sharon Del Rosario spent a whole month here for Mardi Gras.  They told us this was a very special RV park.  It only has 17 sites, they aren't big, but it is full hookups with 50 amp service and free WIFI. 

  • Dennis Hill suggested a few days ago that we also stop.  I told him I didn't even call because I thought it was hard to get into.  I knew Sharon had reserved a year ahead during Mardi Gras.  Dennis responded with there was enough room for a 45 foot motorhome.  Two peoples version of "hard to get into".  

I called Betty and she said she'd pencil us in.  Now I must say the back roads of this state are terrible.  I can't believe anything wasn't broken, cupboards stayed shut and the only thing I noticed was the table lamps must have moved around. 

Jim and Nancy Tidball are from a town about 30 miles from where we used to live in West Virginia.  They are right next to us.  They've been coming here for many years and have been here a month.  They seem like a lot of fun but they are pulling out in the morning.  But the good news is, they are also going to the Escapade in Vermont so we'll see them again.

It was after eight when we returned from Happy Hour.  Betty has this unique outdoor party room.  It was so much fun and Betty knows more about the area than anyone.  Unfortunately,  the suggestions she gave us can't possibly be done in a couple of months.  We're only here for a week.
I wonder who left that Texas license plate......

Dave and Lynn

Now I know why all the stories about people coming here and end up staying longer are about.  If today is an indicator, I think we're going to enjoy our stay.  

Turtle Safely.......

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