Thursday, May 12, 2016

Birthday Celebration with no cake.

Abbeville, Louisiana
Betty's RV Park

Guess what we did today?  

We didn't get going until after lunch, but that's what retirement is all about.  You do what and when you feel like it.

I had a message from Sharon that we should make sure to see the historic village.  I looked it up on the internet and for some reason wrote the address down as 300 Fisher Road.  
Plugged it into the GPS and we followed it to Lafayette.  When we made the turn onto Fisher I turned the GPS off.  I saw the employee parking and then the other parking lot.  Found a shady space and went inside.  

Guess what?  We were in the National Historical Park and Preserve.  I guess the number 501 isn't the same as 300.

The park ranger was very nice and it was nice and cool inside.  We were the only ones there except for two park rangers.  There was a 35 minute video on the Arcadian people and how they came to the area.  The time period began in the 1600's.  The movie was very well done and really helped us understand the plight these exiled people endured.  

After the movie we toured their museum.  It also was very well done.    It was easy to read and see all the displays.  

The Cadiens hand carved all the duck decoys from tupelo gum tree and cypress root.  I wanted to mention something I forgot to say yesterday.  Tupelo gum trees have a natural inhibitor that prevents mosquitoes.  There were no mosquitoes on the swamp tour.  

There was a chart that explains what ingredients were in some of the Cajun dishes.  I need a pocket size version for our next Cajun restaurant.

As we were leaving I noticed this sign.  I guess we celebrated the birthday of the National Park Service.  No cake, no admission price even if we didn't have our old folks pass. Happy to support them.  
You never know where you're going to find something strange.  I was surprised to see cactus growing here. 

We have learned that you can find a festival every weekend somewhere near you.  They have a Frog festival going on this weekend in a nearby town.  I would love to come for the omelette festival in Abbeville.  They cook a 5,000 plus egg omelette in the middle of the town and feed everyone.  That's one big pan.   

The people are so friendly and fun.  This really is like a foreign country.  

Bob and Bonnie now make four coaches here.  Betty did say she closes June 1 for three months.  If you are planning to come, you better hurry.  
We did arrive back just in time for Happy Hour.

Turtle Safely......

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