Monday, May 2, 2016

Check One Off

Port Aranasas, Texas
Pioneer Beach Resort

Last night it rained around midnight.   No lightning or thunder just a nice slow rain. It was cloudy this morning so we decided it would be a good day for a tour bus ride. Of course this meant a drive back to Kingsville to tour the King Ranch.  The bus was just loading as we were parking the truck.  The tour guide said she'd wait for us to get our tickets.  We bought the combo ticket which was good for the bus tour of the ranch and the museum.  

Janet Newman had invited us to lunch at Doc's but we realized we wouldn't be back in time for lunch.  She said we could stop for Happy Hour.  

We didn't check the mileage we did yesterday until we fueled up the truck.  It was just under 400 miles.  No wonder we were tired.  And we just decided to drive 70 miles one way to see a ranch.  

The bus tour was okay, but we didn't have the best tour guide.  We did learn the history of the ranch and saw the different breeds of cattle they raise.  We learned so much more from Dennis Ward when we were in Kansas than this guide could tell us.  A huge javelina started running and I didn't realize how fast they can go.  
We stopped at the weaver's cottage and I thought of Miss Terry.  

They hand weave about 40 saddle blankets per year.  Each 
Kinenos (cowboy) receives two blankets.  Notice the running W.

I can never remember statistics but the tour guide did say the ranch in Texas is as big as the state of Rhode Island.  

After the bus tour we drove over to the museum.  The museum was much better than the bus trip.  Unfortunately, you were not allowed photos.  

There was a 1948 Buick which was hand designed for a hunter car.  It had spare tires built into the fenders.  A refreshment bar, silver engraved dash, storage for six rifles in the fenders, spare gas cans storage in the body of the car.  I so wish I could have taken a photo of it.

I did also learn that in Texas you have to re-register your brand every ten years.  

Two people suggested we have lunch at the pharmacy.  We were told it wasn't fancy but had good food and was reasonable.  
I didn't take the camera inside because I didn't think a pharmacy was worth a photo.  Once again I was wrong.  The pharmacy is 100 years old.  In the back corner were some booths and tables and a counter.  

I couldn't believe the menu.  A hamburger was $2.50.  Chicken fried steak was the most expensive at $4.50 and included potatoes and a salad.  I figured it would be a tiny burger so I was planning on trying the banana split.  Wrong again.  It was a very large burger and fries.  No way could I handle even an ice cream cone.  

We walked across the street to the King Ranch Saddle Shop.  I always worry when Bill admires the workmanship in a saddle.  Next thing I'd know he'd want to buy a saddle and then you know what comes next.  No worries here.  One saddle was very plain and the price tag was almost $5,000.  This store was very expensive.  They had clothing and household furnishings.  I saw one set of western knives which I think was $200.  I did see a plain black belt which was $198 and an umbrella was $120.  

I called Janet and told her we were just going back to the coach without stopping.  We wouldn't have been good company if we stopped at their house.  I felt badly as I know they are tied up the rest of the week with their volunteering as disaster help.

We are too tired to even go and walk on the beach.  

Turtle Safely.......

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