Saturday, May 21, 2016

Greyhound Bus Station

Hope Hull, Alabama
South Montgomery RV Park

All of my readers know how calendar challenged I am. We don't know where we are staying tomorrow. Bill suggested we find someplace to be over the holiday weekend.  I knew there are many COE parks in Georgia and we never had any problem finding a place.  Maybe, just maybe, I should have made a reservation sooner.  I checked all the corp parks and there wasn't anything for the holiday weekend.  

I finally decided to scrap the idea of going to Atlanta to see the Doc Holiday Museum and the Presidential Library.  I just couldn't find any parks that had a vacancy.  The other reason to plan ahead was that Bill's best friend is driving from West Virginia to Florida and we wanted to meet up with him somewhere along his way.  We knew we needed to stay in one place for a week, so Ron could make plans at his end.  

I must say when I finally found a park that had a vacancy, a weight was lifted.  

We took a drive to downtown Montgomery.  I must say there wasn't any traffic.  
Yesterday was the big 55th anniversary celebration so I thought we could tour the Greyhound museum where the Freedom Rides commenced.  Wrong.  

It doesn't look crowded here does it?  When we walked inside to tour the museum it was wall to wall people.  They were all singing and having a great time.  Signs were every where saying no photos allowed.  We really felt out of place and turned around and left.
There were some signs on the outside of the building depicting a time line of the movement. 
I must say as a town, Montgomery, has not forgotten the civil rights movement.   There are historical markers representing the movement everywhere.

Since the 1841 Winter Building was a few blocks away we decided to check it out.  The building is where the telegram was sent to fire on Fort Sumter which began the war between the states.  

The building is still standing but I didn't appear to be open to the public.

 The Winter Building is across the street from Court Square Fountain.  It's round so I don't know where the "square" came from.  

I crossed the street from the Winter Building and saw this marker.  This is where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus for whites.  

Bill and I actually sat in the seat on the bus where Rosa Parks refused to relinquish her seat.  The bus was at an exhibit at the Ford Museum in Michigan.

This area of Montgomery is the banking district.

Bill just drove around the area enjoying the old beautiful homes.  This was the Figh-Pickett house which is the oldest surviving brick home in Montgomery ca 1837.

What does Bill love doing?  Why cleaning the truck.  I didn't think it was that dirty but at least the love bugs are gone now.  The radiator was covered in them.  

Turtle Safely......

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