Friday, May 6, 2016

Pull Day

Dickinson, Texas
Green Caye RV Park

Not a whole lot to say about today.  Bill pulled out of Lazy Longhorn about 9.  We took the back roads and there were a lot of traffic lights.  I think we actually made one green light.  

Weather was once again perfect.  Of course we can't expect to have these dry days much longer.  I know we're in the area where humidity gets very high.

We were expecting to see some damage from all the flooding the Houston area received recently.  There were a couple of rivers that looked very muddy, but other than that everything looked dry.

This is a very strange park to get into.  There's a convenience store in the middle where there are homes on one side and the one road to the RV park on the other.  There is also a gate at both entrances.  When we pulled in I started to go to the convenience store to register.  I reserved online and had to pay $90.00 for the entire three days.  There was a sign that said to register at the office across the street.  There wasn't enough parking for cars much more an RV.  I had reserved a back in as the pull thrus were filled.  The girl asked if we would rather have a pull thru.  That's a dumb question for us. 

This is a very nice park once you get into it considering the proximity to NASA.  Our back window looks out at the golf course.  I do hope those people on the course, don't golf like I do.  I can just picture a golf ball going through our living room window.  

We made a quick Walmart run to pick up our $5.00 discount coupons for tomorrow.  Now time to put our feet up and relax after such a busy day yesterday, as I think we're in for another busy one.  

Camera batteries being charged.  Ready for tomorrow. 

Turtle Safely.......

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