Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Seven Hours to go a little over 100 miles.

Columbus, GA
Lake Pines RV Resort

It was another gorgeous day for driving.  We started to hitch up around 8:30 and every thing was dry.  No wet hoses and no dew on the truck even though I keep hearing the humidity and temperatures will be rising.  

It was around 9 by the time we pulled out.  The park had a lot of low hanging trees and we had a couple of choices for exiting.  

I wanted to take the interstate the short distance to the border so we could stop at the Georgia visitor center.  You never know what interesting things are in the area.

We turned south again and traveled down US 27.  As I looked at the map, I said why don't we just stop at Warm Springs and visit Roosevelt's Little White House on our way to Columbus rather than come back once we are parked and set up.  

This meant we traveled over Alt 27.  We enjoyed seeing the small towns.  

We didn't know anything about the parking for an RV.  I looked on google earth but all I saw were trees.  I gave a sigh of relief when I saw there was room to turn around.  

I was surprised that this is a Georgia State Historic Site and not a National one.  Of course if it was a national park, we could have used our golden eagle card.  The State of Georgia charged $10 a person for seniors but it was worth the admission fee.

I thought this was the Little White House when we walked up from where we parked the coach.  There wasn't a designated RV parking but we found enough empty spaces to make our own.

I was surprised to find out that Roosevelt was a Mason, but Bill already knew he was.
This was in the outer lobby where you paid, so I figured maybe it was more than just a house to tour.

We were told to go through the doors and start with the Memorial Museum first.  This museum is 11,000 square feet.
This is where it turned into a real find.  This lady told us that she actually met FDR when he was out touring around the country side when she was 3 and half.  She was a delight once she found out we were interested in her stories.  She continued the stories and told us about meeting Jimmy and Billy Carter.  When Jimmy Carter came for a ceremony this past year, he remembered her and gave her a kiss.

Our timing was great as it was only 3 minutes until the video would be showing.  It was narrated by Walter Cronkite.  

I guess you forget a lot of the history, until you visit a place like this and it brings it all back. 

FDR liked to drive around the countryside and visit with the people.  He'd let the children come up to the car "because it was easier than carrying that extra 10 pounds of his braces" to get out and greet them.  

He designed the hand controls for his car allowing him to be able to drive and giving him freedom to visit with the common person. 

FDR's license tag "FDR-1,1945" was made in the Georgia prison factory each year.  

When Roosevelt bought the resort this Concord model stagecoach which was built in the late 1800's was part of the property.  It was called the "Tally-Ho" and used in parades.

Roosevelt had a lot of hobbies one of which was stamp collecting.

These canes were gifts he received.

This is the only mention of his dog Fala I saw in the museum.

There was a lot of memorabilia from the creation of the March of Dimes in 1938.  Basil "Doc" O'Connor,  Roosevelt's law partner, was asked to chair the American Red Cross. 

After visiting the museum we walked outside to tour the rest of the historic site.

We walked past the flags and stones of America to the Mustian place but it wasn't open to the public.

The Arizona flag was one of the first in the avenue of flags.

He located the West Virginia flag which was near the end.

The grounds were beautiful and very well kept.

 This is the guard post of the secret service. 

There was a guest house on one side and another building on the opposite side for the servants quarters.  

Here's the Little White House and we can go inside and see it.

The ship above the fireplace was made by FDR and his secret service agent who was bored because nothing ever happened there.

John Kennedy, while visiting FDR in Warm Springs, liked this ship so well he ordered one to be made for him, but he was assassinated before he saw the completed ship.

Nothing was changed in this house from the time FDR died.  Notice the toilet paper is brown.

There was one more building before the gift shop.  This is where the unfinished portrait and the finished portrait are displayed.  

It was an enjoyable day but we already lost an hour when we crossed into Georgia and we still have another 45 minute drive to the RV park.

Our admission also included the Historic Pool Complex which was down the road.  We found out that there wasn't a turn around and if we went, we'd have to back out.  We decided it had been a very long day for such a short drive so headed directly to the RV park.  

Turtle Safely.......

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