Friday, May 20, 2016

Surrounded by Blue Flashing Lights of Police Cars

Hope Hull, Alabama
South Montgomery RV Park

It rained most of the night but the sun came out this morning.  We drove in to see the State Capitol building today.  It was a little difficult finding a parking space that wasn't reserved for a government employee.  However, there was one handicapped space right beside the steps to the capitol.  All the other spaces had parking meters.  

It's a good thing we were parked close by as Bill had to go back to the truck because he had a pocket knife in his pocket and they wouldn't let him enter with it.  

We knew that today there was a self-guided tour.  Guided tours are on Saturday only when the government offices are closed.  After we went through the metal detectors, we were given a brochure on the history of the building.  It wasn't a fancy glossy color brochure, but it gave more information than most capitols.  It even had a map and guide to other history and museums in the downtown.

This is a small capitol compared to most as it houses the executive branch--the Governor and cabinet.  It was built in 1851.  

There were classes of school children who were very well behaved and polite.  The old Supreme Court Chamber was occupied from 1851 to 1940 in this chamber.  

Jefferson Davis was lying in state in this chamber.  

I was impressed with the names and photos of the fallen military members.

I saw this in another area paying tribute to the Armed Forces.

They couldn't afford expensive architectural detail so they used paint.  Trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) painting was used in 1869.  I so wanted to touch it, because it looked like there was wainscoting or depth to the walls instead of a flat wall painted to look like it.   Michelangelo would have been impressed.

It is believed that Horace King, a bridge builder, engineer and a freed slave designed and built the three story twin spiral staircase.

The 1920's murals were beautiful and illustrated the Alabama history.

The rotunda was beautiful but not a tall as most capitols.

The old Senate Chamber is where in 1861 the delegates from the seceding southern states organized the Confederate States of America.  The Senate Chamber has been restored to replicate it during that time.

The chandelier is a reproduction of the oil burning fixture.

The Supreme Court Library was added in 1885.  It had art work from children and the ones we admired were done by bi-polar teens.  There were some very good pieces.

As we were ready to leave the capitol, we walked through their gift shop.  If you ever want something made in Alabama, they had it.  I didn't notice a Hyundai, though.

About a block away was our main reason for being in downtown Montgomery.  

I wasn't expecting a lot since there wasn't an admission charge.
I was wrong again, but don't tell Bill.
This 1835 house served as the first White House of the Confederacy from February 1861 until May 1861 when the capital moved to Virginia.
This house had more than I parlor.

This was Mrs. Davis's bedroom with a doorway into
Jefferson's bedroom.

I was amazed at the number of original artifacts that were displayed.

His tobacco bag and pipe he smoked.

I am holding a booklet describing the contents of each room, except this one that just said relics.

The Confederate flag that flew over the capitol.

I'm not sure what the flags represent on the capitol driveway.

As we were walking back to the front of the capitol to leave, we saw blue flashing lights everywhere.  Our truck was the only vehicle  that wasn't a police vehicle on the whole block.

The road was blocked off on both ends by police motorcycles.

I knew this was a friendly state but we didn't expect that kind of reception.

 As we got closer to the truck we saw many police officers.

There was a ceremony of fallen police officers of Alabama which supports the special  Olympics.  I'm not sure who the speaker was as it was difficult to hear since the officers had their police radios on.

They were passing the torch for the special Olympics.

I have no idea what happened to the block of vehicles that were parked on the street but we were the only one without blue lights.  They had to move the motorcycle blockade so we could leave.

There are at least 20 other things to see in this area.  We could spend a lot of time in this state.  

We had a good time today and was happy that we didn't have rain even if it was a little cool.  The weather forecast predicts lots of sunshine and humidity for the rest of the week.  

Turtle Safely.........

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