Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Highest Point

Country Court RV Park
Anniston, Alabama

We left Montgomery this morning in no hurry.  Our travels took us north on US 231.  Our destination today was Anniston.  We thought about staying in Talledega at a Passport America park, but changed our minds and came on up to Anniston.  

This town has been a destination for us ever since we signed up for the Escapade and knew we were traveling east.  I hope Bill won't be disappointed, but we are going to wait until Tuesday to tour this special exhibit.  

It was another gorgeous driving day except it was windy but we were on roads surrounded with trees and lots of hills so didn't notice it.  

I know they keep predicting hot and muggy but we'll enjoy these days until then.  It's so nice to be able to walk around the RV parks and talk with everyone when the weather is comfortable. 

After we were set up we decided we hadn't been driving enough today so drove to Cheaha State Park for lunch.  I remember Marilyn Boyer telling us about how beautiful it is.   


I have to say I can't remember the last time we drove on such a curvy up and down road.  Any motorcyclist would have loved it and there were many of them on the road.  However, I didn't like being in the copilot seat as there wasn't much of a shoulder and all I could see was tops of the trees. I was a little wobbly when I exited the truck.  

This is Alabama's highest point--2,407 feet.  It was a beautiful park but I'm not sure I would have pulled our fiver up that road.  We were pleasantly surprised that the $5 per person admission didn't apply to us old folks.  It was $2.00 per person over 65.  

The restaurant was very pretty and blended in with the hotel.  When we walked in the girl took our drink order and said help yourself.  They only have a buffet on Sunday.  As we filled our plates, I keep wondering how much is this going to cost?  We both said it didn't matter the views were worth whatever the extra cost for the buffet.  We both estimated that it would be around $18.95 to $24.95 for the buffet.  Were we ever shocked when the bill arrived and it was $9.95 a person.  
The food was delicious and I had mentioned to Bill that I wanted good southern fried chicken and I wasn't disappointed.    
The views out the full length windows was beautiful.

How do you like the chandeliers and the stone walls?

I'm so glad we took a drive over this afternoon.  

There were a lot of people hiking and I did notice that they had a handicap area for hiking.  I didn't have my hikers with us, or I would have given it a try.  

There is just no way my little camera could capture this view.

I did notice on the brochure when we returned that there are two campgrounds in the park.  It looks like #2 is at a lower elevation.  

Turtle Safely......

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