Thursday, May 26, 2016

What Did Your's Look Like?

Columbus, Georgia
Lakes Pines RV Park

What kind of adventure could we get into today?  If I told you that we went to the largest Lunch Box Museum, would you think that was Bill's idea or mine?  I can't help it, I really like to visit someplace unusual?  

Allen Woodall Jr. began collecting metal lunch boxes in the 80's about the time the industry went to soft sides because some Mom's complained that kids were hitting each other with their lunchboxes.  

The museum is housed in an old flea market building.  There was a model airplane collection that also belonged to Woodall.  There were a lot of antiques and the building smelled musty and reeked of cigarette smoke.  When the man said it was $5.00 to enter, Bill said he was paying him reluctantly.  

We were lead to the back of the building where there were no lights.  There was a walkway where a long cloth was used as a door.  Our escort turned on the lights and said "there it is."  Okay he got even with Bill over the $5.00 admission.

  It wasn't the museum but the "barter room" where he sells duplicates.  
The price tag says $195.00.

The man then lead us into the "museum" and turned on the lights.  He said enjoy yourself and left.  

There are thousands of lunch boxes.  

I kept trying to remember who I had depicted on my lunchbox when I was a kid.  The only thing I can still remember as a child in Florida was the smell of the bologna as it sat in the heat until lunch time.  I wonder if that is why I don't eat bologna.  

Maybe my sister, Sherry, can remember.  

I walked around and around and nothing triggered my memory.  
Maybe it was this one.  

I took a photo of this because I know if Misty had one, it would be this one.  

I'm sure my time period was before the Jetsons.

I liked the 3D look of the Brady Bunch, but once again this wasn't my time period.

This would have been a nice one for Bill but I'm sure.....

Gunsmoke would have been his favorite.

But maybe this one for him since it had a secret coder.

I'm sure Ron Lichtenberg and Vicki Allen both had these.

I figured we'd be out of there in 3 minutes but the more you looked the more you enjoyed it.  It really grew on you.

You could pick them up and click them open.  

I liked the double handled ones.

There were rows of seats with the trays and lunch boxes on them. 
I remember these from the steel and coal workers.

This one appeared very old.  

This is for a someone with a big appetite. 

I could see Bill wanting this one.

This one was porcelain.  Maybe for someone in the toilet industry?

The electric cord would heat up your lunch box. 

What a treasure chest this place was.

Oh, maybe my lunchbox could have been Popeye or Bugs Bunny.

As we were leaving Bill spent more time examining the lunchboxes in the barter room.  I said just keep on moving.

 Since I said "no" to the lunchboxes, he gave it another try with this Imperial that I think was a 1964 or was it 1954.  We could have it for a mere $75,000.  All that to have a push button to put it in gear.  

If we were going to buy something, maybe a barber pole would satisfy Bill.

As we were about to leave the building we asked the man about the collection.  He said Mr. Woodall has some lunchboxes such as a Superman that is worth $10,000 but because someone tried to steal it he removed it from the museum for safe keeping.  Mr. Woodall has donated some of his collection to the Smithsonian. 

When we left the building this was stored outside.

It was a fun and unusual day.  Once again the weather has been great.

One quick stop in Walmart for a loaf of bread and we were home.  I thought we'd try the pool out again today.  Yesterday after the long day on the road, we walked over to the pool to check it out.  I'm persnickety about a public pool but this one was crystal clear and we'd have it all to ourselves.  We walked back over once we had our suits on and around to the gate to find a closed sign on it.  No wonder no one was using it.

Once we put away the $35.00 worth of groceries, I opened the bread drawer and asked Bill where was the bread.  I guess we'll go back and buy bread next time.  It's hell to get old.  

Turtle Safely.....

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