Thursday, July 28, 2016

56th Escapade--Essex Junction--closing ceremony.

Essex Junction, Vermont
Champlain Valley Exposition

How do I go about telling anyone how much fun this week has been?  You just have to experience an Escapade if you've never been before.  

Yesterday we finished manning the Volunteer/Lost & Found Booth.  I was amazed how many wallets were turned in.  We packed up the supply box and turned it in.  It's all ready for the  57th Escapade that will be held in Tucson next March.

The evenings entertainment was the Ham-O-Rama.  It's amazing how many very talented people are here.  

The Xscapers was formed last year at the Escapade.  It's still part of the Escapees but is geared at younger families.  During the week there was a first ever Kidscape.  These kids all got up on stage and did a cute little skit.  I wish I had taken photos of them.  They were so cute and everyone enjoyed the program.  

I have to say there was so much going on that I really failed to get photos.  

The highlights for today were the pet parade.  Some pets were in costumes.  

The chili cook-off was an another event after the parade.  

We were entertained by a jammer group and a great singer.

The closing ceremony had a huge crowd.  I think knowing that there was a HOP (Head Out Program) to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl parade and an Adventure Caravan trip as grand prizes had something to do with the crowd.  

How do you like the Escapade shirts for next year?  The Tucson logo has a kokopelli on them.  

There has been a nice cool breeze everyday but since I told Sarah last night that I'd bring my kite out and she could fly it, there was no breeze at all.

Besides my turkey fat neck that Sarah likes to stroke, she's also talked to Bill a lot.  She said she wouldn't touch his neck.  I guess she doesn't like beards.

He also agreed, he's going to miss her.  

It's our last Paul Evert sponsored happy hour.  

It was well attended even though it was clouding up. Bill and Polly were watching a seagull.

I think they are just warming up for tonight's entertainment.

Carolyn and Craig Mills are members of Chapter 45 and hopefully we'll be able to spend more time with them at the MOC rally.

Ray and Luella also are newer member of Chapter 45.  We might see them again when we travel west.

We managed to cram a lot of people around one table.

No one wanted to leave even though it was sprinkling.

Everyone was having such a good time, no one left.

After Happy Hour we went out to eat with L C and Marilyn.
We went to a Mexican restaurant across the street from the Greek one we went to earlier in the week.

L C and Marilyn bought dinner for us to celebrate Bill's 80th birthday on Saturday.  

Tomorrow morning there is a hitch up breakfast and people will begin heading in different directions.  

Turtle Safely......

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