Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Great Find in Easton

Stroudsburg, PA
Pocono Vacation Park

Yesterday after leaving the C F Martin Guitar factory and museum I checked the GPS to see what was nearby.  I thought a canal tour sounded interesting and it was only five miles away.  

Naturally I was driving and came to a road that was closed. There were no detour signs and it was difficult enough to get turned around.  I kept trying to find a street that went through in the direction I thought we should go.  

Finally we get into downtown Easton and the GPS says we've arrived.  The only problem is that we've arrived at the Crayola company.  It looked like it was fun for kids, but I think we might have been a little old for it.  We walked down the street after putting every bit of change in the parking meter.  

Don't you love the way they did the crosswalk with crayons?

Bill spotted this historical marker so he's happy.  The sign stated that this was the home of George Taylor, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and a member of the Continental Congress, lived in this home.  It was built in 1757.

Wasn't this a great find considering it's the 4th of July weekend?
As we walked back to the truck, we saw a small sign with a arrow to the canal.  We followed the sign for a couple of miles and finally came upon the Hugh Moore Park.  There was  one sharp turn up on to a one lane (sub-compact size) bridge.  Of course when I had the nose of the truck up on it, I saw a car coming from the other side.  Had to back the truck up in the intersection.  Bill was sucking air as I crossed the bridge.  

The park was in a beautiful setting.  We had the fireplace on earlier in the morning but the temperatures were just perfect for the tour.  

We thought the $11 for seniors to ride on the boat seemed a little steep but the ticket counter person told us it also included the museum.  

When we entered the museum a docent saw our grey hair and wrinkles and explained that it was a hands on museum.  She did mention that it was a little noisy.  There was a bus load of day care kids and with acoustics in the place I wanted to cover my ears.  Lucky for Bill, he just turned his hearing aids off.  Our boat ride was scheduled to leave in 15 minutes.  All I could think about was taking that boat trip with all these noisy kids.

The docent told us about the canal and it's importance in the industrial revolution.  

One thing that we enjoyed, maybe because the kids weren't interested in it, was the Dixie Cup exhibit.

This exhibit brought back memories.  

When we'd finished the museum, yes, it took it less than 15 minutes we walked outside to see the canal boat.

When our captain told us we could come aboard I looked around for all the kids.  He told us there was going to be about a 10 minute wait for the mules to rest.  There was another couple with a toddler and baby and just Bill and I.  I saw all these seats and realized it could hold that busload of wild kids.  

The kids came out of the museum and were walking over to where we were, but today was our lucky day as they continued on down the path to the picnic tables.  
Here the rope is being attached to the mule in the back. 

 They walk one in front of the other.

There were more employees than customers.  I liked the fact that they were all in period clothing.  

The docent was wonderful.  You could tell he was very knowledgeable and loved the history of the canal.  The canal was built in 1855 and it only took two years to dig.

The speed on the canal boat is 2 miles per hour but they have a 4 mph speed limit.  

If the docent hadn't been so enlightening I could have fallen asleep as the mules pulled us through the canal.  It was very relaxing.  

Of course, once again the guides can make or break an experience.  We learned a lot of things about mules and I do have a lot more respect for them.  

Here we are near the Lehigh River.
I was a little worried about the way they stopped the boat, but she knew what she was doing.  See the rope she is throwing.

I just wanted to show this photo to Don and Sharon Del Rosario.  There were canoes for rent all over this area, but Bill and I wouldn't do a ride without Don and Sharon who are expert canoe guides.  Miss you two.

Turtle Safely.......

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